combat archery tag

Aim to win the game with rules and conditions

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Archery players are consisting of the team members each team there should be pa equal no of person. While playing the archery the important thing is time management, we want to aim the opponent team members and you to allocate the time for each person. combat archery tag offers lots of events to play a game. Everyone should cooperate with the team member. It was the biggest combat archery tag game in Singapore. Before playing the game, you should clearly understand rules and conditions and you must be fellow the rules and conditions. The main aim of this is to target the opponent and eliminate from the team there are a boundaries lines in a game we should follow the boundaries lines if anyone is at the end of lines there is a no chances to come inside again so you should be playing carefully and you should the terms and conditions. Each team has the scoring point some time both teams have match tide and at you want to continue the game again while playing the game disrespectful word and behavior are should be avoided and disrespectful language should be avoided.

combat archery tag

How to target the opponent

Each team has separate zones they should be playing within their zone each number has a unique time you should be aimed at in the time. Suppose you should not aim within the time the score will goes to the opponent team. Each team has a separate zone they should not be moved from that zone after completing the time which team has a high score they considered as a winner. In the international competition, the archery target is in the color of yellow, red, blue. Archery was first introduced in the year 1900 at the Olympic game. There is indoor archery and outdoor archery. Archery is one of the oldest games but it was popular still now. The archery bow and arrow are initially used by the human bows and arrow are used for fighting, war, and so on, and its one of the weapons to hunting others the archery are used by the small age person. Instead of guns archery is used for how a day. For hunting an animal also archery pare used.

Time management to target the opponent

The only important thing in the archery we should target properly that is the main thing in the bows and arrow. The player should mainly understand the importance strategic of planning the game and they should learn to react to the person in a different situation. The team members should be together there should not be any arguments while playing the game they should be together towards their goal or aim. The team member always should think about our team should win and think about the different ideas to win the game. Combat archery is a fun game and easy to play each player can pick up the maximum of the two arrows the player should take a position of their end line. The bows are made up of the strong fiberglass and are covered with the leather in the year 1900 it was introduced for men and in the year of 1904 was introduced for women