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Best Functions for the Flower Gifts

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Birth is always an exceptional event to celebrate as it should be. The first day of a child’s life and the happiest day of the life of his young parents, this event deserves the ideal gift. Bath cap, bra, diaper cake, birth box, ideas abound. You can visit Anchor text:, tps://, more, explore more


The month of January allows offering two types of flowers, so to address two different messages. You can learn more here. The first is the carnation, which obviously does not bloom in January but you will find very easily in the form of cut flower. In white flowers, it symbolizes pure love. In pale red or pink flowers, it shows fascination and admiration. You can explore more here.


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In February, do not miss the opportunity to offer violets. Popular flowers for birth gifts, christening and communion gifts and violets are par excellence the symbol of innocence and modesty. It is recommended to avoid violets with yellow flowers, which represent the past beauty and would be clumsiness.


Do not be fooled by the myth of Narcissus, who fell into the water where he admired his portrait: narcissi are not always symbols of immodesty, they also represent the positive values ​​of new beginnings, rebirth and joys to come.


Spring is here, and the daisy is her most beautiful witness. If you want to celebrate the purity of childhood, the daisy will send the perfect message, like sweet pea that is sometimes substituted for it. Deliciously original variant: give her cousins ​​daisies for a surprising effect, perfectly in the theme of childhood.


In May, long livelily of the valley, a symbol of happiness and cheerfulness! However, you will find more easily the other flower of this spring month: your florist can compose a beautiful bouquet of lilies.


June is the month of flower queens: roses. What message will you give by offering a beautiful bunch of roses: love, of course.


The lark’s foot, with its blue flowers, is linked to the month of July. Also called Delphinium, it symbolizes generosity, especially that of a Greek fisherman who saved a dolphin, thus moving the Greek god Poseidon. It also illustrates the lightness, the agility, to face the trials of life.


In August, the flower of this month of birth is original and may deserve some symbolic explanations. Indeed, the poppy is often associated with the escape of the spirit. But it is also a superb symbol of imagination and creativity.


The Aster, family Asteraceae, is one of the most flowers of the early autumn of September. Its long stems, its beautiful petals all in length, make it the perfect symbol of elegance and a rare delicacy. Combined with foliage by your florist, the aster will bring its touch incomparable in the days following the exit of the clinic or maternity.


The month of October is dedicated to a complex flower: the worry. At first glance, this flower that can be incredibly colorful is not a happy symbol for birth, since it is related to mourning and sorrow. Perhaps it will be better to offer a bouquet of seasonal flowers.


The chrysanthemum is a very beautiful birth promise since in many cultures, including Japan which has made its emblem, it is synonymous immortality! It also testifies, more modestly, a very strong and powerful friendship.


December is a month full of mysteries and holidays. Holly – holly, meaning “saint” in English – symbolizes it perfectly. With its resistant leaves and red berries, it is the plant of the god Saturn that the Romans honored in December.