cyro treatment

Chiropractor treatment methods

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Chiropractors are professional practisers who take care of our health especially the nerves and muscles by diagnosing the body and give treatment for the misalignment of the joints in our body to recover normal position.

Chiropractors learned how to treat the people who have to experience some pain in their joints due to some disorders in the muscles and nerves. Most of the people experiencing back pain are spinal cord disorders nowadays. Chiropractors will diagnose the patient and help them to recover from the pain experiencing in the nervous system or muscular system. Apart from treatment chiropractors provide us some regular exercise and teach us how to do to bring the nervous and muscular system to normal position.

cyro treatment

Chiropractors are most famous to cure spinal problems using cyro treatment because the spinal cord is an important part of our body parts. Spinal cord only connects nerves, muscles, bones, and skeletal systems too. So we don’t prefer any surgery or any other harmful treatment than doing some exercise.

Chiropractors will treat for the following pain:

  • Back sprain and strain
  1. Low back pain
  2. Acute back pain
  3. Chronic back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Cervicogenic Headaches
  • Spinal Osteoarthritis (also called as spondylosis)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Week immune system
  • Coccydynia
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc
  • Myofascial pain
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Limb length discrepancy ( means short leg or leg length discrepancy)
  • Whiplash

Cyro therapy is a treatment for pain that occurs in our body by freezing that particular nerve or tissue to recover normally. Cyro therapy is the safest treatment and also very effective.

Cyro therapy is a treatment in which nitrogen gas is used to freeze the body up to the maximum level freezing point. Nitrogen gas does not have direct contact us but it mixed with the water to give the freezing point.

In this cryotherapy treatment, our whole body will be exposed to the freezing liquid nitrogen they allowed to wear gloves, socks, and cotton underwear for men while for women gloves socks cotton underwear and spotted bra sometimes.

Cyro therapy usually used to treat for following problems

  • Neuromas
  • Nerve entrapments
  • Intercoastal neuralgia


There are more forms of neuromas occur in our body. They are

  • Ilioinguinal neuroma
  • Hypogastric neuromas
  • Interdigital neuromas

Nerve entrapments

There are different types of nerve entrapments available. They are

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Herniated disc
  • Peroneal nerve entrapment
  • Suprascapular nerve entrapment
  • Ulnar tunnel syndrome
  • Radial nerve compression syndrome
  • Meralgia paresthetica

Cyro therapy treatment can take twice or thrice in a week based on their body condition.

The benefits of Cyro therapy treatments are

  • This will reduce inflammation
  • Diminish pain
  • Ease in muscle tension
  • Decrease swelling
  • Slow muscle spasms
  • Boost musculoskeletal recovery
  • Increase blood circulation

The side effect of the Cyro therapy is getting irritation of the unaffected nerves some times tingling or become reddish on the skin. But it will be a temporary effect it will disappear in a few weeks.