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Finer Choices for the Energy Saving Now

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In recent years, the cost of electricity has increased by about 10% annually. The cost of electricity will continue to rise, Ministry of Economic Development forecast 10-12%, and this perspective is clear for business owners and leaders. It is aggravated by all the emerging negative trends in the economy. With regard to large energy-consuming industries and ordinary commercial consumers, electricity is one of the main constant cost elements. These costs affect the price of the final product or services, reducing competitiveness or net profit. You can go for the Reliant Energy saving now.

What are the current possibilities for reducing electricity costs? We will only consider non-technical methods not devices, lamps and other technical devices, no energy audit only a documentary and real reduction of payments. It should be noted namely payments, not the amount of electricity consumed. The volume of consumption will remain the same, but you can pay less for it. So:

Reliant Energy

Method 1: Changing the price category (tariffs)

Note the nuance of using the third price category, where consumers pay not only for electricity but also for electricity. The amount of capacity you need to pay is calculated in just 1 hour per day. The law allows you to pay no power at all or rather, pay zero dollars, but only a few know how to do it. The difference between current and possible payments will be around 15% towards reducing payments. It will be interesting for businesses that have the opportunity to reduce electricity consumption by at least 30-50% at the right time for a single hour. What time to choose and how to do it correctly? The answer to this question is given by analyzing the estimated hours of payments for capacity of the last years, according to the region in which the company is located, as well as the scheduled hours for calculating the administrator of the trading system.

Method 2: Excluding capacity charges

If you have an object that has a capacity of about 3 megawatts or less, then how you can completely eliminate payments for capacity is completely appropriate, going to the first price category. Competence means the correct choice of voltage level, which will be used later to calculate the cost of electricity. There are four such voltage levels – HV, CH1, CH2 and HH and for each own tariff for electricity. The result will be a reduction of payments for electricity by about 15%. This is done by the competent division of power within the object itself. Lack of experience and inept analytical calculations can negatively affect the sum of payments for electricity at the end of capacity sharing activities.

Method 3: Reducing process losses

For some consumers, energy sales companies have so-called losses or loss factor. It doesn’t matter that exceed the amount of electricity consumed. These are additional payments that are sometimes unreasonable. They motivate him in different ways and do not want to reduce payments for losses. The only way to reduce payments is to calculate the actual losses and approve them in the competent authorities. Some major energy companies are trying to calculate and approve the loss. However, their calculations do not withstand the controls of the competent authorities, because the calculations must be performed according to the methodology approved by the order of the Ministry of Energy.