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Great Choices for the Perfect App Building

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The first step is to customize the look of your application. You can use a ready-made color scheme and add your own images in various sectors of the software section icons, logo, background image, etc. To make these extra changes, simply click “Modify Theme.” With the best developer app you can come up with the finest deals now.

Adding content

Then you must add the so-called Moblets that is, the pages of your application. You can use a wide variety of multimedia content, such as plain or formatted text, photo galleries, Facebook pages, RSS feeds, Google Maps, YouTube videos, ordered lists, and more.

In our case, we simulate an application from TecMundo that shows the latest news published, updates to our Facebook profile, the latest messages sent through our Twitter and a page containing a short biography of the group No Zebra Network. The editing process is quite simple and it consists of naming Moblet, specifying the URL containing the contents to be imported and defining a custom icon for that page.

The next step is to enter the name, category, download URL, and description of your app. In addition, you need to choose an icon that will be used to identify your published software you can use one offered by professional sites or send an unpublished image. Note that you can interact with the preview image located on the right side of the service interface, which simulates an iPhone running the newly created app.

Useful features, different interface, interesting content:

These are great reasons to download a mobile app. But we must not forget the performance. Performance may not convince anyone else to download an app, but it is certainly one of the main reasons someone wants to interact with it or decide to uninstall it.

A good app offers a great experience for all users, regardless of the type of device they use or the quality of their internet connection. As a designer and developer, the best way to empower and delight audiences is to test and optimize app performance for as many conditions as possible. Here are two tips for getting more users to your app:

Get more users: Think globally

Maybe you are building your app for a certain type of audience and technology. Even so, it will be available to users in a variety of markets, and reviews from this audience perhaps about the app’s functionality and performance can affect your ranking position and reputation. This can hurt your downloads and your user engagement metrics.

So it’s good to remember that more advanced technologies take a long time to arrive worldwide, including in different regions of Brazil. Make sure that users who have older devices or still use slower, unstable connections can also enjoy everything your app offers.

But that’s not why you should limit app functionality just to meet performance standards. The most successful apps have been carefully built to deliver unique, rich and essential services to all users.

Prepare to make concessions

developer app

How do you know an app is working well? Interestingly, that’s when no one thinks about his performance. It’s like driving on a well-paved road. When the asphalt is smooth, no one even thinks about it, but the road is bumpy and bumpy enough to begin to realize that it exists. At this point, it is difficult to continue enjoying the trip, even if you have the best car in the world.