Scaffolding Bromley

High and dry, the buildings and the sky

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The scaffold is a three-dimensional network of bars attached to each other and arranged in such a way to bear the load. It is used by workers and crew members to reach areas above in height and areas difficult to work on. Building, construction sites, renovation sites, bridges construction make maximum use of it. And it is also used for making big stages or platforms due to its weight-bearing capacity.

Scaffolding Bromley

Scaffolding Bromley is a very old technique used to build large temples and paintings. In older times scaffolding was done with bamboo sticks and tied by strong ropes mostly of coconut coir. Since the begging of this technique, it was widely used all around the world to build different structures and aid the process of making high-rise structures. But the bamboo method proved too dangerous for people and it risked the lives of many workers. The breaking of bamboo sticks, breaking of ropes, improper tying up or rope, and improper fitting, there were many reasons for the worker to fall from the scaffold and be injured or die sometimes.

This problem got a solution with increasing development in the field of material science and designing. Materials were analyzed to check the maximum load they can bear and the design was made such that they maximize the weight-bearing capacity of the complete structure.

Then begin the production of metal (mostly aluminium or steel) and composite rods. This method of almost efficient and is prevailing for decades till now.

Let’s see the different types of scaffolding

  • Supported scaffolds – These are scaffolds consisting of one or more platforms attached by beams, couples, and other things. This is the most widely used scaffold as this is generally based on ground base. This allows 2 or more workers to simultaneously work being on different platforms. It also has many subtypes depending upon the use and the structure of the building.
  • Suspended scaffolds – These are scaffolds that are hung from the top of the permanent structure being built. This enables efficient work on the top part of the building. Also, it saves space if the lower part of the building does not require any work then. Since it is suspended it does not disturbs the people using the building or pedestrians passing by.
  • Ariel lifts – This is a platform with a built-in vehicle with aids the movement and provides flexibility to the worker. They are generally used for small areas and their use has led to the prohibition of ladders in the work. Ladders were risky, while Ariel lifts have made drastic changes for workers to work freely and not in a hectic state as on a ladder. Still, there are cases where Ariel lifts have been proved harmful.

Though scaffolds are very useful and a boon to the construction industry but also there are some hazards concerned with it

  • A person falls if he/she slips. Slipping can be through many reasons- a person may start feeling sick, natural calamities like thunder, storm, or earthquakes Though major earthquake are harmful to all but minor earthquake may risk the lives of people on scaffolds
  • If scaffold collapses due to any reason
  • Electric discharge in metal tubes due to mistakenly kept open lines.
  • Gettings hit by falling tools or objects from the building or different platforms.

Risks are everywhere and they need to be taken care of but things cannot be abandoned just because of risks especially when they are so much of use.