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How to use an electronic device and tip for the calculator

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The calculator is an electronic device used to perform calculations that cannot be calculated manually. Many types of calculators are there like normal calculators, scientific calculators. Using the calculator we can do many calculation additions, subtraction, multiplication division, percentage, etc… used to solve within a second so it saves time by tip calculator . It gives the solution to the problem easily and quickly. First In 1960 calculators was created. In 1970 a pocket calculator was created. The cheapest modern calculator was available in a market that is small in size, like the debit card model. After calculators were important to most and became regular use in schools also. In-tip calculation also performs in a very simple way. It is used to sum money. Mainly used for restaurant staff. It helps to calculate the money when given sequentially. It includes the price amount and tip also. It calculates the tip amount of the cost of the service in various percentages. In the United States of America, the tip of fifteen percent of the earlier than the tax of food price is typically an anticipated one.

TIP for calculator

The amount of money is calculated in tip.total interest of percentage can be calculated. In the United States, 15% of tips should be expected. It calculated the percentage.10% for poor performance and 20% for excellent service. It can be calculated by straight forward ratio. Very commonly ratio and proportion are used for calculating the tip. Many of the people are living by expressing their thanks for the service provided. In the United State restaurant and bartenders received 15% to 20% and then for food delivery 15 to 20%. It depends upon the distance. For hotel room service 15-20% If not included in the price. For Hotel Housekeeping Not expected and Automotive Services, Mechanic Not expected and Mover, Furniture, or Appliance Delivery Not expected, and Plumber, Handyman, Electrician, Cleaner, or Other Home Services Not expected, and Hairstylists, Barber, Nail Service, etc for 10%-20% and Massage for 10%-20%

Taxi or Limo Drivers for 15%-20%

Shuttle Drivers, Parking Attendant for $1-$3, and Tour Guides that depend upon their distance.

tip calculator

Calculating a Tip to use

Using the ratio and proportion to calculate the percentage. 15% will calculate using fractions and ratios. 15% is considered as 15 out of 100. If the service is good but not excellent, service means 15% of tips. Take a proportion for 15 divided by 100 equals to X divided by 45 and then cross multiplication is done 15 * 45 = 100 * x after multiplying both the sides 675 = 100x finally answer is $6.75 = x. $6.75 is a tip of 15%. If calculating the taxes for the bill means 6% for sale.tax vary from 1 to 9 %. So take the proportion for 6 divided by 100 equal to X divided by 45. After talking the proportion cross multiplication is done 6 * 45 = 100 * x after that the answer is $2.70. Like the United States, other countries also use tip Africa, the Middle East, Canada, Columbia, Europe etc..but the percentage was different from each country. Finally, this is the way to calculate the tip calculation and mainly used in restaurants, loans, driving in many places. It is used at various places to save time with different features.