Neolife vitamin products

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Neolife is a renowned food supplement manufacturer since 1958 and has extended its market in all parts of the world. The company works with the aim of ending malnutrition for Poor nutrition by providing standard food supplements at an affordable price. Food supplements are introduced with the intention of providing all necessary vitamins and minerals to the body. Generally, a properly balanced diet can fulfill all vitamin or mineral needs of the body. But in special cases like pregnancy, feeding or while suffering from malnutrition or other deficiency disorders people highly require these vitamin supplements. Certain health conditions like osteoporosis which is seen due to aging can also be treated with regular vitamin supplements.

Neolife vitamin products


Neolife is a leading vitamin supplement manufacturer and has manufactured a variety of Neolife vitamin products and supplements which can be taken along with the regular diet. The human body requires nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins,and minerals to derive energy to all regular activities and stay healthy. In addition to this water is also one of the major requirements of the body because water constitutes 70% of our body and helps in digesting these nutrients and thereby release energy.So,a person must take all these nutrients in balanced quantity to stay healthy and active. To provide all the essential nutrients to the body, a person must include varieties in his diet.


However, in certain situations, regular food intake may not be enough to provide the required energy to the body. In such cases, you must provide additional nutrients to your body in the form of food supplements. Food supplements help to overcome malnutritional disorders as well as fulfill the additional requirement of the body. In many countries where poverty is to the core hundreds of children die every year because of malnutrition. Providing vitamin and folic acid supplements to pregnant women can reduce the chances of babies being born with malnutrition and reduce fatality. Children suffering from malnutritional disorders must also be given these nutritional supplements so that they can overcome the disorder and stay healthy.


People suffering from health disorders or particular medical conditions may also need vitamin supplements. If a person is suffering from digestive disorders then whatever food he consume may not be properly digested in the body and fails to provide the essential nutrients. In such cases, essential nutrients must be provided externally in the form of supplements. Some people are born with genetic disorders where the body fails to metabolize certain vitamins like vitamin B. Even in such cases they must take vitamin supplements to fulfill the regular requirement.


Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin,and that can get synthesized in our body when exposed to sunlight. Other Vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C & K constitute the major vitamin requirements of the body,and most of them can be obtained through a balanced diet. Following a narrow diet plan is not good,and you must include all varieties in your food so that you get all required nutrients in adequate amount. Special consuming fresh food can be of great help.