how to start affiliate marketing
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Money is Not the First thing for Affiliate Marketing

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The conclusion is that affiliate marketing can be of interest to both parties (For advertiser and publisher) the most important thing we have learned today is that we have to stay as close as possible to our target group. As an advertiser, you choose the webmasters from the same target group, but you do this as a publisher as well. You need to know how to start affiliate marketing .

The Best Possibility

how to start affiliate marketing

Is it possible to get started with affiliate marketing without having your own website? The answer to this question is fairly simple, yes. But is it profitable to get started with this? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of getting started with affiliate marketing without having a website. A major disadvantage of not having your own website is that if you do nothing, you also earn nothing. By the way, are you new to affiliate marketing? Then take a look at our review of The Affiliate Marketing Revolution. You learn through this training how to set up a profitable website through affiliate marketing. Click on the red link below to go directly to the training.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When you get started with affiliate marketing you promote products and services from someone else, you don’t have to deliver products or do customer service. The only thing you will be dealing with is forwarding visitors to a product. If you do this successfully you will receive a commission.

The great thing about earning money with affiliate marketing is that you can determine your working hours yourself, so you have no obligation to a manager or boss. You can do your work from home without anyone looking at you. Read more in our article what is affiliate marketing.

The Benefits Of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

The benefits of earning money with affiliate marketing without a website are that you have no costs for building a website, you can immediately start promoting products and services. And if you do well you can earn money relatively quickly.

If you know what you are doing this can be done the same day. However, a major disadvantage is that many affiliate networks do not accept you if you do not have a website. It is therefore important to take a look at this. Let’s also mention some disadvantages of making money with affiliate marketing without a website.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Making Money Online Without Website?

The disadvantages of making money online with affiliate marketing without a website are that your income is only temporary. If you have a website, your income will always continue. So we definitely recommend that you get started with creating your own website. This simply gives you many more opportunities in the field of affiliate marketing.

If you do not have a website then you will have to promote the affiliate products via, for example, a Facebook page. If you then stop to chill out nicely, your income will not continue. A website is online day and night and will therefore always earn you money.

Why It Is Smart To Start With An Affiliate Website

It is smart to start an affiliate website because you can promote multiple campaigns on this first. If you get started with making money without having a website, you will only be able to promote one campaign at a time, or you must work with paid traffic.