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Petition filed again Comisar in Los Angeles

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Braun has said Comisar has changed all his paths and part his ways to a consultancy, and he is just making false allegations and demands after the upcoming sale of $1.05 billion made by Braun’s holding company, which is Ithaca, it includes the publishing company, talent management company, and record label.

Peter Comisar

In the petition filed by Braun, he mentioned that now the business of Braun has been earning profit and thus Comisar is only back to take the money which is undeserved and unearned by him. After Braun’s company huge sale and profit, Comisar has got an opportunity to take a huge amount from his company.

Braun has also warned before that what he could say might even destroy Commissar’s career.

Braun has also said that Comisar has not given his time for SCOPE and had focused on his own other business and was managing his own account. It was also breaking the terms mentioned in the agreement of business between Peter and Scooter.

And these violations of terms and mistakes of SCOPE capital management have led to the downfall and which has led to the loss of $5.2 million, which was Braun’s total investment.

Braun said that working with Comisar was not a good experience, also they had faced a lot because of him in the business. He has not given a good performance in the terms of investors and also he has not given any security to the investors.

According to the allegation made on Braun and David Bolno, it meant that in the year 2016 they decided to elaborate their empire, and then they decided and finalized the private capital firm as their vehicle and began to enrol in Comisar. In his petition, Braun has mentioned he has invested an extra of $5 million in the launch of the SCOPE capital management and also #3 million for the salary of Comisar.

And according to Comisar’s statement, he only came to the board with three years budget. The fraud was registered against all of them, one criticizing another. However, it is a tough decision because it is a huge fraud for such a great amount. And believing in any one of them is not easy.

On all these allegations, Comisar was also not quiet, he came up with his side and said that Braun has also boasted that he has the ability to raise the money from $500 million to $750 million from various big billionaires of the entertainment industry.

In the year 2018, in April, according to the Commissar’s statement, Braun has renounced the financial commitments and also has ceased all the funding including the Commissar’s salary.

Previously, Braun and Comisar have worked together and their term was also well but later, this has been reported. They have been against each other and have revealed such a huge fraud.


In this article, you will get to read about the most widespread news about the conflicts between Scooter Braun and Peter Comisar . Recently, Braun has filed a petition against Comisar in the court, Los Angeles.