best cordless leaf blowers comparison article

The finest Choices for the Best Leaf Blowers

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A garden vacuum cleaner for cleaning leaves will be an indispensable attribute of garbage collection equipment on the territory of a country house and a reliable assistant in agriculture. How to choose the right blower for cleaning garden plots and large areas will be discussed in a review. With the best cordless leaf blowers comparison article you can find the perfect options now.

Purpose blower

best cordless leaf blowers comparison article

The main purpose of garden vacuum cleaners is to clean the garden plot or any surrounding area from natural debris, fallen leaves, dry grass, sawdust, dust, snow.

  • In the cold season, snow blowers are used. Any model of a garden vacuum cleaner is suitable for this in the “blowing” air supply mode. Blowers can clean dry soft snow, but they will not be able to cope with wet or icy snow.
  • In a separate category, another type of device should be distinguished, this is a sprayer blower, which can also be called a motor sprayer.
  • It is used in agriculture for spraying pesticides in pest control, as well as for spraying fertilizers , including granular ones.

Among motor sprayers, the FORTE 3WF-3 model is in demand with a spray range of up to 12 m and the ability to spray up to 2-4 liters of fluid per minute.

Separate models of such blowers are used to extinguish fires with a strong flow of air while spraying water. Among such special equipment, the Angara firefighting backpack pack is often used.

Structurally, the sprayer blower differs from conventional blowers only in that it has an additional reservoir for the sprayed liquid and a system for supplying liquid from the tank to the air supply pipe.

The principle of the garden vacuum cleaner

The device of a garden vacuum cleaner is not much different from an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. It also has a pipe for collecting garbage, an engine with a turbine for creating air flow, a bag for collecting garbage.

Most of these vacuum cleaners can work in the following modes. Blower mode is designed to blow waste from a large area into one place for subsequent disposal.

Vacuum cleaner mode

Garden vacuum cleaners, on the contrary, collect all garbage in a special bag, as shown in the figure.

Garden vacuum cleaner with chopper. In some models, there is the possibility of grinding suction garbage, which will be discussed later.

Criteria for choosing a garden vacuum cleaner

Type of construction

Depending on the purpose, there are three types of blowers – manual, wheeled and knapsack models.

A manual blower is, first of all, a household version of such a device, since it is compact. The cost of such devices varies from 1500 to 6000 UAH. It has a small power (from 700 to 3000 W) and a low blowing speed, up to 50-70 m/s.

It is important that manual blowers are the lightest (3-5 kg ​​battery and electric models, 6-10 kg models with a gasoline engine), so it is easiest to work with them for a long time. However, keep in mind that most low-power battery models of hand blowers operate only on blowing and do not have the function of a vacuum cleaner in them.