secure remote desktop

The Smartest Options with the Secure Remote Connections

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With remote access software installed on your computer, you have the freedom to connect with another device from anywhere. Amazing, no? Once you are connected, you can have full control of the device you are connected to, even at a distance. You can then choose to run any application or open files on the computer. For example, by knowing how to do remote access, you can take your smartphone or tablet out of your pocket and simply and quickly connect to your work computer. With the use of the secure remote desktop you can have the best choices now.

Through your smartphone or tablet, you will see your desktop screen look exactly as when it is used in person. This gives you the option to access the file you need and edit, save, email or even transfer the file to the device you are currently using. In other words, we can conclude that actions such as accessing, writing and reading files that are not local on a computer are also part of the remote access modalities, such as cloud services.

secure remote desktop

Examples of remote services include Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive. Remember that in order to use these services, you must be logged in to an account. In some cases, files may be stored simultaneously on the local computer and in the cloud. So files are synchronized to keep them updated with the latest available version. File sharing on a home network or other local area is generally not considered a remote access environment.

How does remote access work?

Before we explain how to do remote access, we must say that it works from a virtual network that connects an electronic device like notebook, computer, smartphone, etc. to a server, where the system that actually offers services is located. to a computer network.

This means that it joins different workstations in order to optimize the work. In Information Technology, it is common to compare how these tools are used as a tunnel through which data passes. This channel is thus protected from intrusion and prevents information from reaching its destination. It is usually done by a tool called VPN Virtual Private Network.

VPN is a service that allows you to use the web completely securely, protecting anyone or a service that attempts to access your data illegally. A VPN service is quite simple to obtain. You can use it through an application that you can download on your iOS, Android, or even your regular computer. You subscribe, download the app, log in, and activate the tool to connect to a VPN network. It is simple.

Required Tools

For the connection to work, the tools require some kind of user authentication. Some of this software requires the creation of passwords, IP provisioning, and installation of the program, both in the tool it controls called the host and the one it controls known as the client. Simply put, this technology allows one computer to access another via a protected path, preventing data loss and interception by malicious people. It is practical and safe. All that is required is a network and devices capable of sustaining communication.

What are the advantages of remote access?

Remote access is a tool, as we have suggested above, very functional for the routine of a small, medium and large company. Listed below are some advantages for you to better evaluate how this technology will make a difference in the reality of your management.