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Tips for Choosing the Ideal Porch Flooring

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Choosing a floor covering for the porch of a home is a very important task. After all, this outdoor area is quite versatile. It can be a place with plants, a resting area or even a gourmet part of the residence and therefore requires harmony in the combination of all these elements. Also, selecting the wrong material to cover your porch can hurt the design and even cause accidents. In order to help you make the right decisions, avoiding headaches and headaches, here are 8 tips on choosing the right flooring for your balcony. With the eco decking you can have a perfect time now.

Determine what the porch will do

First of all, the determining aspect is the functionality of the balcony. Is it a relaxing or work environment? Do the plans involve cooking and barbecuing? Will children or pets also enjoy the space? All this should be considered when choosing in order to balance aesthetics, safety, and ease of cleaning, maintenance and durability of your decor.

eco decking

On a cozier balcony with a good armchair to rest after work calls for a floor that is more welcoming, such as wood-reproducing ceramics. This flooring blends in nicely with a decor consisting of a comfortable armchair and a wall with a vertical garden. Another option is to harmonize this floor with a glass environment to ensure a more modern air to the environment.

The option of setting up a gourmet balcony for some weekend barbecues or afternoon snacks requires another setup. By using the space, there is a risk that the environment may become greasy or liquids may fall to the floor. In this case, it is recommended to opt for a waterproof coating, such as some types of ceramic or porcelain.

A good way to decorate a gourmet balcony is to place exposed bricks on the wall and harmonize with a dark floor, preferably with some texture that reproduces the stone. A good option is Atacama Graphite, for example. This combination gives it a rustic yet cozy feel for a socializing and dining atmosphere.

Evaluate options according to usage

Decision made, it’s time to know which types of materials will best suit your project. But regardless, don’t forget that a balcony is mostly a place exposed to sun and moisture. With this in mind, waterproof ceramics and porcelain tiles are good options.

  • First, because these coatings are produced with furnaces that reach 1,300ÂșC, then they are not affected by heat like other materials.
  • Secondly, because their impermeability is a great way to deal with rainwater.

In addition, these floors are cool and have good heat dissipation capabilities, ideal for places with a high incidence of sunlight.

Another element to consider is the amount of traffic on the porch and the resistance of the cladding to it. The more furniture the more people walking around the space and the higher the frequency of use, the higher the requirement on the floor.

Because of this, it is essential that the flooring you choose for your balcony has adequate resistance to the demand that will be required. Ceramics and porcelain tiles are rated for impact resistance by the PEI index. If you choose one of these materials, try to anticipate the level of demand for your balcony and purchase parts that meet the requirements for your project.