What steps should I take to prepare my home for sale?

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What should I disclose to potential buyers?

This culmination is eaten while ample withinside August and February, however, those bushes get hold of no interest and the brand new ones are not often planted. Any surplus breadfruit is dried over a hearthplace and saved in a wrapping of leaves. They additionally gain sago from the sago-palm, areca nut. The areca nut is chewed with lime and the leaves of the betel creepers. Betel nut with lime and areca nut is taken after each meal. ‘Betel-chewing’ is discovered withinside the subcontinent of India, Indonesia, and Melanesia. The canarium almond tree gives a shop of dried nuts . The first culmination ought to be provided to the ghosts earlier than the can harvest is gathered. The uncleared lands belong to the network and for this reason, don’t have any man or woman owners. The land has no cost until cleared for the development of residence or the improvement of fields. The Melanesians have interaction actively in fishing withinside March and April. The traces, which can be made from dried wooded area creepers, are frequently so long as one hundred fathoms lengthy.

How much is my home worth?

They are weighted with stones, every set in a split-knot that is launched while the fish bites. Hooks are carved from the shells of turtles, pearl oysters, and clams and the shapes range with the fish sought. Special baits are organized for fish. The netting of fish is likewise not unusual to place some of the Melanesians. The bonito fish that is a delicacy is stuck withinside March and April. The handiest cooked meal of the day is ready at sunset while the girls go back from the gardens. For relaxation, the leavings of the nighttime meal, coconut, areca nut, and roasted yam, are eaten via way of means people at normal intervals. Bowls, dishes, and bins are all wooden, frequently of the mild tape a wooden and can’t consequently be positioned on fire. The meals are boiled via way of means of losing in red-warm stones which are lifted with bamboo tongs. Men are professional cooks, and for feasts, from which girls are excluded, put together all of the meals themselves. The prolonged own circle of relatives called kindred is the fundamental unit for financial and social affairs. Each kindred, for example, has its accus­tomed land, which its contributors cultivate. A kindred includes people among whom genealogical dating may be traced, whether or not via the daddy or the mother. Polygamy is normal in Melanesia, however handiest rich marry extra than other halves and lots have the handiest one.

What is the difference between a list price and a sale price?

The chiefs at Saa frequently have many other halves. Children in Melanesia are betrothed at a completely early age. All contributors of the boy’s kindred contribute to the wedding presents to accept to the girl’s father, however, they in go back to get hold of a percentage of pig furnished via way of means of the girl’s kindred for a dinner party. Installments of the wedding presents of canine and porpoise enamel are surpassed over now and then lengthy earlier than the real mating. Children are frequently followed, from time to time via way of means of the childless. A followed boy acquires the total fame of his son. Such youngsters are paid for, and in former instances, infant stealing on the market to chiefs in a far-off village changed into frequent. Children had been, however, additionally stolen to offer on the spot or destiny sufferers for human sacrifices. The Melanesian is a male-ruled society. The leader of the village is via way of means of inheritance.