Which places are most affected in floods?

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Flooding has been a major issue in most countries and a lot of them are seeking viable and economical solutions to this major problem. Every a lot of people and animal life gets displaced. There is a lot of research going on to save people from this regularly occurring catastrophe. Now it has not only become a responsibility but a priority for the engineers to come with projects that control floods. The whole thing now sets back to get rid of the water which could be done with pumping and draining. Especially the coastal and riverine belts are the most effected regions. Though prediction of flooding can help but prevention of flooding has to be worked upon. There are several property interventions that were undertaken which were part of the residual risk. Floods cannot be prevented which has to be accepted and the major blow to this is developing countries are not able to figure out how to control it. You can check out this site for further information .

Measures to solve flooding

Indigenous ideas and the technological advancements along with people who have better conceptualisation of how the flooding of certain areas happen, can come together and form core groups and find solutions to this problem. Since priorities change in every country and the last thing would be control floodwater damage that they pursue. The constructions and architecture types vary, and they are subjective to that region and modifying them would have a major cultural impact. Conservation and preservation of what is there has to be first catered to before indulging in any other activity. Diverse materials and methods employed for the building of the structure take prominence of than how it will sustain during the floods. Though some mange to do that but this effort becomes insufficient when major flooding happens.

Some of the regions have developed their own solutions such as the dwelling mounds also known as terps also clay mounds, and houses raised on stilts and other methods. There could be insurance but tis would a big achievement to be able to avoid future damage to buildings and other edifices. The people have to understand and co operate with the authorities and builders to come up with feasible solutions in designing to use of materials to strategic locations for construction play a major roleĀ  in preventing such huge devastations. Elevating building is one of the measures that constructors do, but materials are not changes, but resistant technology has to still pick up and slowly it will percolate into the mainstream construction part in the near future.

The disruption of flooding is a major hindrance and slows down the economy considerably, this one of the reasons solutions that work for long term have to be found quickly and used to make the structures bear the onslaught of the heavy rains and flooding better. The avoidance technology which is cheaper in practice which accounts for better draining along with changing the landscape to help not retain water to allow free standing structures are what helps to prevent the water from reaching the building.