best fake id

Why you shouldn’t buy a Fake ID (and where you can get one if really needed)

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best fake id

Everybody and their grandma seems to have some sort of fake ID these days, and if you’re in college, then friends probably encouraged you to get one as soon as possible, right? But hold on, before you go ahead and buy the best fake id money can buy from an online website, read this article first carefully, and then decide if you really want to take the plunge.

  1. It’s a criminal offense: First of all, get this fact first that buying a fake id, even if you don’t use it, is illegal. You can face serious legal charges if you purchase and use a fake id card to impersonate another person. If you think that there are lots of people who never received a legal penalty for using a phony ID, think again – you can be the next unlucky guy! Given, using a fake id card to buy a drink is not as big a crime as murder, and people usually get away by doing so all the time. That doesn’t mean it will be the same with you, and most importantly, is it really worth the risk? Think again.

Having said that, buying novelty IDs for fun and prank purposes isn’t an offense, but remember not to get involved in any illegal activity using those fake ids.

  1. Getting scammed is almost evident: No matter where you’re buying this ID, or from who you’re buying, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get what you have paid for. Are you planning to buy a fake id from an inline website? You should think twice before you you’re your credit card details in any such sites as most of them are merely a scam and are being operated by cybercriminals. There’s no online review for such an illegal thing, who in their right mind would admit openly that they tried to buy a fake id and got scammed, right? However, if you really want to buy a fake id for just fun purpose or as a novelty item, you can order from IDGod site, they are in the business for the last few years and serviced thousands of satisfied clients without a single complain of any scam.
  2. It’s expensive: Yes, fake id cards are costly, and even the okayish ones can cost you almost $100 which won’t be able to pass you through a bar door. And if you want to buy a good one, that can cost you from $150 up to $200! Most of the fake id suppliers will simply rip you off by overcharging those ids, while in the IDGod site, you can four fake ids for 60% of the original price.
  3. You’re going to feel the pain in the ass: Yes, a hundred percent you’re going to feel that, and that really sucks. Why? Because you’re going to be a person with a fake id who is trying to buy some boozes at midnight. Sometimes you’ll be able to buy all the booze and cigarette you want, but many times your id will be checked carefully, and you’ll fail. And then you’re not going to feel very good indeed.