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A Transit For All You Do

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Transit knows it too; Cargo Vans can seat 12 or 2 people and carry up to 487.2 cups. ft. of max. cargo, or haul up to 4,640 lbs. of max. payload.3 Your choice of 3 engines includes a twin-turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoostV62 and a 3.2L Power stroke-5 Turbo Diesel.2

There are 3 roof heights, High Roof (HR), which features best-in-class. Plus, there are 3 lengths: meet your unique needs. Inside, you’ll discover vinyl-, cloth-,2, and leather-trimmed2 seat offerings, plus SYNC3 voice-activated technology2 for your calls, music, and more. Driver-assist technologies like Lane-Keeping Alert with Driver Alert,2, and side-wind stabilization are designed to help you travel with confidence. And no matter which Transit you choose, you can rest.

Where comfort takes a front seat.

A Tilt And Telescoping Steering Column

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Tilt and telescopic steering column are Going Here standard on every Transit to help drivers of varying statures feel confidently in command at the wheel.

10-Way Power, Heated Front Seats1 with lumbar support and inboard armrests are available in your choice of cloth or leather trim to help you ease into those early mornings.

Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers1,2 can be set to automatically activate, helping keep your view ahead clear in wet or unpredictable weather conditions. Paired with the auto lamp automatic on/off headlamps, this convenient feature is standard on XLT Passenger Vans.

Power-Folding, Heated Sideview Mirrors1 helps you keep track of what’s near either side of your Transit, even in inclement weather. You’ll appreciate their short-arm design and power-folding capability in tight parking areas.

A Rear-View Camera

A Rear-view camera is standard on every Transit to help make it easy for you to maneuver in Reverse. MR and HR models feature a high-mounted version that offers a broad, full-color view (below) from its high vantage point.

Stay Connected On The Move

It All Starts Here

This vibrant 6.5″ touchscreen is the command center of SYNC3 voice-activated technology,1,2 which integrates your paired mobile phone with Ford Transit as soon as you start your van. Make calls. Send and receive text messages. And so much more. Just swipe left or right, or use simple voice commands, to help ensure that your life doesn’t miss a beat. SYNC 3 also features 2 smart-charging USB ports to help keep your devices powered up.

Link Your Apps

SYNC 3 AppLink3 links your favorite compatible mobile apps with your voice, giving you convenient control. iPhone users can view the Waze app’s community-based navigation and traffic features on the large SYNC 3 touchscreen. Amazon Alexa users can access thousands of skills and services they enjoy on their Amazon Echo with the Ford+Alexa4 app.

Connect Your iPhone

Apple CarPlay™ compatibility2,5displays the iPhone interface on your vehicle’s touchscreen. Send and receive text messages by voice. Get directions. Access playlists from Apple Music. Just ask Siri for help. She already knows your voice.

Connect Your Android Phone

Connect your Android phone is Android Auto™ compatibility2,5displays the Android™ interface on your vehicle’s touchscreen. Get voice-guided navigation from Google Maps and Waze. Access your favorite music from your apps. Make calls. Send and receive messages. Just talk to Google Assistant and go.