Ad blocker – Why Should you Have it?

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An ad blocker is a tool that eliminates the advertisements and pop up display and auto play videos while you are browsing on WWW. The AdBlock available today helps to keep these annoying ads away. It will vary with effectiveness and price. You can choose one of the world’s most popular browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla, Safari or chrome. Normally ad blockers are the browser extensions. All are basically same. Installing the ad blocker is very easy. Just choose an ad blocking website and there you will see a colorful ‘install’ button just click it. After clicking it there will be another step. In that step you should follow some instructions displays on the screen. May be it will take fake few seconds. Why do you need ad blocker? Well, read further –


You can browse safely:

Many of the hackers are now taking up the advertising space on trending websites to lload them with the malicious ads. That will cause harm to your data and system. To prevent this, the fastest way to protect you from those sites is the ad blocker. It will block online adverts and reduces the malvertising attacks. Actually ad blocker doesn’t ban all the ads. The ad blocking developers will allow some ads which are not harmful to your computer.

The ad servers cannot track you:

Ad servers not only show up the adverts on your browser, they will also watch your activities in online. They will collect all the personal information of you like your habits, details and your search data. That can be sold to the third parties like advertising services. Ad blockers also have the ability to stop the ad servers from tracking you. Ad blockers block that type of servers. So you can free from the tracking. The ad blocker will stop the analytical codes and text that comes with the ads in online. So then your browser can load the site’s content instead of the ads in that site. You can easily read the article or you can see the video in that site without having any distractions.

You can save the data plan:

You can spend less data when you are seeing the video which is ad free. In some surveys it will be shown that, while you visit the new sites, half of the data is chopped by the ads. Once you taken out the ads from the video or a site you will save a lot of mobile data. It will be a great news who is on a minimal data plan. You can easily save your data by using the ad blocker.

It will remove all the unnecessary items in your browser:

The major advantage of bringing an ad blocker to use is to clean the ads in your browser. So you can get clean websites without having any irritating pop ups or auto playing videos. The ad blockers are very helpful and the upright tools to use. And it is free to install. So, what are you waiting for?