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One can speak of a healthy diet if there is an adequate supply of the body with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other important nutritional components such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Their evolv health takes a strong stand.

A person’s complete health cannot be achieved without a healthy diet. Your own preferences and habits play a very important role. These have to be reconsidered throughout, but they must not be left out if the diet is successfully changed.

Why drinking a lot is important

Healthy eating also means drinking enough. But very few consider this. Typical deficiency symptoms are the result here. It is not for nothing that drinks form the basis of a healthy diet. Water is our elixir of life because it ensures that the body stays fit and healthy.

evolv health

Water not only regulates the heat balance and thus the body temperature, but also takes on the function of building material for tissues and organs, solvents and transport agents for metabolic products in the body. Insufficient fluid intake is therefore quickly punished with typical and also unpleasant symptoms.

Use and enjoy fat in small amounts only

Fat in moderation: This is the rule here, but it also depends on the type of fat. Hidden and saturated fats for health, such as sausages or ready meals, have proven to be problematic.

Avoid sweets to a large extent and consume only in moderation.

Sweets do not offer any valuable nutrients. The sugar it contains damages the body in various ways and displaces the effective absorption of essential nutrients.

Avoid stressful meals: Eat consciously and in peace

Conscious eating at certain times of the day promotes health in various ways. This is especially important when you are significantly overweight. Reading the newspaper or even watching TV while eating leads to a false perception of the amount of food eaten. These include obesity, diabetes mellitus and many others.

Enjoy a variety of foods

A balanced, healthy diet is characterized by one thing in particular:  variety.  If you want to eat a healthy diet, it is important that you combine nutritious and low-energy foods in an appropriate amount. Prefer plant-based foods.

Fruit and vegetables every day

Use fruits and vegetables that are as fresh and as short as possible. It should be 5 servings a day – preferably at least 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables. Rely on seasonal products.

Are you having a hard time eating 2 + 3 servings of fruits and vegetables every day?  With a little practice, it’s not that difficult: You can spice up yogurt or muesli with fresh fruit in the morning. Vegetable sticks are ideal for in between. And for lunch and dinner, you can score with a vegetable side dish or a small mixed salad. And nuts as a snack in between are also suitable. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as fiber and secondary plant substances.

Plenty of whole grains

Whether bread, rice, pasta or cereal: Avoid if possible on white flour products and use as often as possible instead products from whole grains. In contrast to white flour products, wholegrain food only uses the whole grain. The advantage: The content of vitamins, minerals, fiber and polyunsaturated fatty acids is significantly higher with full-grain. In addition, the feeling of satiety lasts longer. Last but not least, whole grain fiber can lower the risk of many diseases.