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There are many ways to master the style. In the anime, the focus is on the facial expressions of the characters to express emotional states and thoughts, which is why in many anime the characters are drawn with big eyes. With this is the best deals now.


In the anime, there are all known typical genres, inspired by stories, novels or films: action, adventure, comedy, drama and science fiction. But there are also some specific genres, for example, shonen-ai, shojo-ai and others.

Shojo or shoujo is the Japanese term for “miss” or “girl”, taken from Chinese and refers to young girls (aged 7-18). The Shojo genre is usually aimed at girls watching. Examples in this category are: Kaleido Star, Read or Die, Kiddy Grade, etc.

  • Shonen or shounen is the Japanese term for “boy”, literally means “few years” and generally refers to children aged 7-18. Examples of anime in this category are Uraboku, Gravitation, and Romantic Junjou, Loveless, etc.

Robot anime like the Gundam and Macross series became popular in the 1980s, with robotic style being the most common in Japan and the rest of the territories. During this period the anime genre is becoming more popular in the Japanese main-stream though less so than the manga series and is experiencing an expansion in production. Anime series is expanding in overseas stores in the 1990s and even more so after 2000. In recent years, computer-aided techniques and 3D graphics have begun to be used in the creation of anime movies and series. Recently, another kind of anime, namely the psychological one, such as Death Note or Code Geass, has developed.

So far, not to mention boring, but we come back with new information about the visual features, character design and animation techniques of the anime.

The century of Anime Films

Animated films have been created for more than a century. Some countries have become real leaders and literally legislators in this industry of the entertainment industry, while others build their paintings modestly and imperceptibly and present the products of foreign producers. But there is a special case in this brightly painted universe anime. This word, in general, means “animated film”, but worldwide it means exclusively Japanese works of this kind. What cartoons from the Land of the Rising Sun have conquered the world? Let’s find out.

Short help

Anime is essentially a derivative of Japanese animated films created in the West and the US. The beginning of the history of this kind is associated with the first experiments of the directors of the country of the sun that rises at the beginning of the last century. By borrowing some technologies from the discoverers and adding some of their traditions and features, the manga authors have created true masterpieces that have managed to conquer the entire world in less than half a century.

Boys and girls and their parents

Anime is filmed for any age category. In this bright variety, children will find interesting stories such films are usually called Kodo and teenagers. And for young people, the anime is divided into several categories: shonen for children and a girlfriend for girls. They differ significantly. Kodomo tells simple stories about the adventures of small and funny characters. Teenage anime were girlish about love and hate, tenderness and rudeness, beauty and fashion, mysticism and magic, in general, about what is interesting to young representatives of the fair sex.