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The Cherry Og Weedeo CBD is much more subtle than the previous one in its fruity flavors. The cherry just gives a slight sweetness to the taste buds. The little sweet note of the cherry rounds off the hemp flavor. The hemp taste is very present and remains dominant at the end of the expiration. It is a good compromise for those who want to keep more the floral side than the fruity one. From the online vape shop you can now get the best choices.

Cookie Kush Weedeo CBD Liquideo

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Cookie Kush Weedeo CBD can be confusing by name. It is a variety of resinous hemp with a powerful effect. Indica lovers will love it. It is a truly original and atypical cannabis hybrid with special taste and aromatic qualities, a relaxing effect. A slight spicy note sets it apart from the others.

Saint Trop Haze Weedeo CBD Liquideo

Saint Trop ‘Haze Weedeo CBD has a hint of strawberry that complements with a touch of wild berries. The subtlety of these aromas leaves room for hemp to expire. The red fruit side rounds out the Haze scent of this liquid. It will be suitable for people looking for a flavor of soft hemp while having the effect of CBD, which will depend on the rate chosen during the purchase. Here you have a CBD e-liquid that can be vaporized all day long.

Banana Crush Weedeo CBD Liquideo

Banana Crush Weedeo CBD is a hybrid strain that is similar to Indica. A flavor of a bushel of fresh banana is felt with its legendary taste of OG Kush. The banana feels on expiration and stays in the background to give way to the power of terpene. Fans of exotic fruits will find their happiness there. The test was carried out with a composition of 100 mg, after several puffs, we feel a hit in the throat well pronounced. The mod also has a USB port for recharging with USB cable provided in the kit.

Target PM80 vaporesso

With dimensions of 102 mm high by 24.8 mm wide and 33.4 mm deep, the PM80 easily fits in your hand. The shape of the mod is specifically designed to hold perfectly in hand. The air flows are located on the side of the pod cartridge. The latter is not adjustable; the PM80 pod is exclusively dedicated to direct inhalation (DL) vaping.

Despite its compact dimensions, the pod cartridge can contain up to 4ml of e-liquid, which is about the standard of a classic clearomiser like the Zenith. This is enough for a vape over a few hours or even a whole day, without filling.

With a maximum power of 80W, the Vaporesso PM80 pod is classified in the high-performance pod category. The dedicated GTX resistors offer a power range of between 45 and 60W for the GTX 0.2 Ω and from 32 to 45W for the GTX 0.3 Ω.

These resistors contain organic cotton, ideal for vaping your favorite e-liquid without having a parasitic taste in the mouth. They also have the advantage of having a low cost 2.90 $ each. They also benefit from mesh technology, a resistive wire mesh for a very good heating surface and interesting longevity.

In addition to a very cool design and good ergonomics, the Target PM80 pod keeps its promises. The vape is generous and the sub-ohm very present, which will delight fans of big clouds.