combat archery singapore

Combat Archery Opportunities for You Now

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There is no better way to aim. Each archer has to find his own way. It is good to try different ways, listen to how other archers do and find your own way. You will personally like the compound bow going up with the sights. In the recurve you will try to keep the aim in the center until the final pull, making small circles. Now everyone has to find their own individual pattern with combat archery singapore .

Phase: Back strain

Now we are in the right posture, with the right pull. The arrow is almost at its final pull. For this, the recurve bow has an aid, the so-called clicker. The clicker should be adjusted in such a way that the arrow will only pass through completely in the final tension of the back muscles, and not before. In the compost, you don’t need a clicker because the pulleys have a lock that determines the final pull of the arrow.

Returning to the recurve bow

combat archery singapore

Once everything is right, you start to focus on the elbow and bring it back. When you concentrate on the elbow, you automatically contract the back muscles, thus avoiding moving the shoulder and changing your posture. This contraction of the muscles is exactly the final pull necessary for the arrow to pass through the clicker.

Phase: loosen the rope

Once the arrow has passed the clicker, they hold for a fraction of a second the posture, checking the crosshairs and then releasing the rope.

The rope is loosened, not released. The process is passive. When loosening the rope we relax the fingers and not in such a way that the hand automatically goes backward with the fingers touching the back of the neck because of the muscular tension in the back. Releasing the rope is not an active procedure where the fingers open or extend, but a process of relaxation of the hand.

Commonly practiced mistake

It is very important when we go to do the pulling not to open the hand little by little when pulling the rope. This is a very commonly practiced mistake.

Such an error causes the rope to twist as it slides through your fingers then after being released and untwisted, deflecting the arrow from its target. When pulling the rope we should always keep our fingers firm until the final moment, without twisting the rope, and at the time of shooting there, relax your fingers in such a way that the rope is released with the least possible resistance.

The right moment to release the rope is a very intuitive moment. If your concentration is correct, your body will know the right time. And such a moment we know it was right after the shot. It is a very pleasant feeling to have shot at the right time. It may happen that we did everything right, shot at the right time and didn’t hit the center. That happens. This happens and the reasons are many, it may be that the aim is not adjusted, or it is loose, or it may be that we simply forget to aim at the center of the target.

Phase: Keep the arm

Many athletes after the shot have the habit of immediately lowering the arm after the shot. With the recurve bow such addiction can and in most cases causes the arrow to lose height and hit under the target. Therefore, after the shot, the arm must be held up until the arrow hits the target.