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Construction and history of internet sites

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In our modern era, technology plays a huge role in which it makes the public’s job easier. Websites can be defined as it is an online site that helps us to find our necessity through online mode—for example, Amazon, Flip cart, etc.

What is the definition of web development?

jasa buat website

Web development is a process which builds and runs the sites by using some coding language like Java, Python, etc. In our daily life, we may use some online applications or websites, which seems very complicated for us. From seeing outside, it may look so challenging to understand. A web developer builds the whole structure of a website. For example, jasa buat website . These are all some examples of a website that exists.

Web development construction

The web is mainly developed with three factors they are client-side scripting, server-side scripting, and database technology.

  • Client-side script is also known as front end development, this client-side script does the outer layout of a website and then the things we see on the website like the icon, options.
  • Server-script is also known as back end development; it takes care of the server and the behind screen work. Usually, this job is done by the developer.
  • There is a term called full-stack development. It is nothing but the combination of both client-side script and server-side script. It may require a high level of skills to do this job. We must learn a lot more.
  • Database technology helps to manage the data storage on a website. Most of the website uses a relational database management system to run a server. The database contains the files in which we can save it and edit, retrieve, etc.

  Difference between web design and web development

Web design can be defined as it is a job that takes care of the outer layout and then the outward appearance of the website. The exterior structure of a website is essential because the people’s attention can get through this. The font, color, design, icon, options, etc., are the things we must remind. Web development is entirely different from web designing. Creating a website is ultimately depends on the server-side and the working and running speed of a website. It is wholly based on coding and building up the server to run it smoothly.

History of the websites

We all know that the internet is an essential thing which is helps us with so many things. We all have a question about how this internet evolved.

  • In 1965 the first Wide Area Network was established, and it is initially known as Advanced Research Projects Agency. It was used by the defense force in the United States.
  • In 1969 an experiment was done by a student whose name is Charley Kline. He sent a word that is “login” to a computer through the ARPANET network. But during this process, the system is crashed, but when an hour later, the experiment is done and dusted, and the word was sent ultimately.
  • In the 1970s the development of the Local Area Network occurs. It is nothing but a Local Area Network. It can be defined as a network which connects the nearby devices or computer in the same places as an office or a library etc.

In 1982 the transmission control protocol and Internet Protocol were evolved. These are all the things which remain standard till now.