exterior renderings

Cool Exterior Look by House Rendering

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House rendering is the process of making a cool and stylish exterior of incompleted brick works. It is the way to cover our wall like plastic but it gives a more attractive look. It won’t be too expensive. We can choose any colour and any style that we need. 3D house rendering is the process that would be done before house rendering. It gives the actual image of our house’s finish before that work will be done. By this, we can choose the colour and design of our exterior earlier. Fitting external insulation over rending wall leads to more costly but it gives more life. So, exterior renderings are the most satisfying work to make our house stylish. There are some types of house renderings available to give the best finish, they are,

exterior renderings

Cement render is a traditional and standard method of rendering. Here the cement mix is applied coat by coat as two or three coats. It is the cheapest method, but the labour cost higher sometimes because of the numerous coats, it may crack easily by structure move. If we need gook look, we have to paint regular time. Then polymer render, these type of materials is available in bags which are with a lime or white cement base. This contains polymer and plastic base products that won’t lead to any cracks. These are available in various colours. It is more flexible than cement rendering and breathable. It gives walls. It has high adhesive and impact resistance. Polymer rendering is available as mono couche rendering

Monocouche Rendering is single coat rendering or bed rendering. It originated in Europe. It supplies in a bag and ready to mix with water. Hand travel or spraying method are using to apply on wall. Pre coloured white cement is used in mono couche rendering. It applies as a 15mm thick one coat on the wall. It is a quick process and labour work less too. It is less maintenance and no need to repaint. Crack-resistant and even can be self-cleaning. The only disadvantage is the cost of this material is very high.

Acrylic Rendering is the thin coat that used to enhance the underlying coat. It gives colour and texture to the wall. Here Fibre is using for crack prevent, durable and lasting finish. It is more flexible than traditional rendering. It can be applied easy by rolling or spraying commonly 2 coats are applied. It can be applied on painted walls, timbers, types of cement and fibre. It is easy sticky material so it takes less time to dry than others. It is water-resistant and protects the wall against bacteria and fungi.

Silicone Rendering is a type of rendering that is used for long life and capable of self-cleaning. When raining the silicone that allows the water to clean the dust itself. The very thin layer of coat applies and that dries in an hour. It has the property of breathability and cracks resistance and water repellent. It lasts for 25 years. Cost-wise it is higher than others. So people who have lots of money and who want to live rich life prefer this type of renderings. But this one is best for everything because most of the people can clean this themselves and this is a long-lasting one.