Amazing Race

Crazy Amazing Race

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The virtual Amazing Race is coming from the technology virtual reality. It is totally different experience and separated from the real world. This virtual reality includes more things such as education, entertainment, medical, and so on. VR has some other unique types in technology like mixed reality, argument reality, and also extended reality. This VR technology has two types in depth. It was text-based network VR and immersive VR. By using immersive VR we can change our view by simply moving ahead.   used in one thing, it was training, learning for cyberspace. Something both will complement each other. In a current world, this virtual reality technology uses either a multi-project environment or virtual reality headsets, sounds, or other sensors to simulate the physical presence of use in a virtual environment. If a person interest in virtual reality then it was a platform to update herself by knowing virtual reality equipment and the artificial world to look at and also knowing the new features or items. Most common in VR headset was’s mounted display that was attached with a headset in front of the eyes. But user can create special rooms with consists of the big screen. Generally virtual reality Vishnu consists of video and audio feedback but later it gets force and sensory feedback from haptic technology. The simulation-based virtual reality method was realized from virtual reality. For example – driving a race car gives an impression as a driver to people that they driving race care with driver input and gets feedback as motion sound and visual cues to the user or driver. In a film like Avatar, the ordinary man turns into a virtual reality person as Avatar by using image-based virtual reality technology.

Amazing Race

Anyone can participate in 3D environment or in the real video also. Participation types were selected by the user with the help of system capabilities. Model of the real environment is an important thing for different VR applications in project-based virtual reality. Various virtual reality application was construction modeling, airplane simulation, and robot navigation. In the field of computer graphics and the computer vision community, image-based VR increasing its popularity. Most required thing is to register correctly to gets 3D data. A common thing used to model a small object at some distance is the camera. Display based VR display the 3D World on a desktop display of a user without any special equipment of Virtual Reality. There are many more single-person video games are shown as an example. These games will interact with characters to feel like a virtual world. One common demerit was there is no sense of peripheral vision and it will limit the user’s ability. Some display brings the user to the virtual world fully. A head-mounted display was one of the displays and it was the topmost display for virtual reality. This display is attached with virtual reality headsets which contain OLED or LCD with high resolution. It will provide separate images for both eyes for stereoscopic graphics used to get 3Dworld, positional rotational head tracking of six degrees movement, and also binaural audio system.