boiler grants

Explosion of the chemical boiler in the small town

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There is a huge explosion of the boiler grants in the town the smoke was spread everywhere and there is many houses surrounding the industry are being severely damaged and many of the labour lost their life in the explosion the news spread and the press peoples and the reporters are be surrounded everywhere to collect the details about that and the fire service and the police are be trying to make the situation under their control but the fire doesn’t get stopped due to the  chemical in the boiler the reaction gets more and the black smoke spread everywhere in all the places

What type of industry?

boiler grants

In the state of Tamil Nadu, there is a famous town called Bavani in Erode district there is a famous chemical industry are be running in the place they produced a chemical fertilizer for farming and the other chemicals products so more than the 500 labour’s are be working under the industry so they are be employing more labour and they are steps to improve their family lifestyle and for the past 20 years it has been working in the good and the correct method they are being given as good feedback by the government in all the years of inspection and they awarded as one of the best industry in the state it is very clean and hygienic

The reason for the explosion

On one day in the huge boiler the chemicals are be heated and boiled in the boiler the boiling temperature is to set at the constant but one day the boiling temperature is turns high automatically so due to the defects of the machine the high boiling temperature reaches and due to the high heat of temperature the tank gets explodes and the gets the high fire everywhere due to the high temperature the blast of the continuous 2 big boiler gets also bust and the chemicals are be splashed every where so the nearest people are be doesn’t know what is exactly happen so they urged and call to the police station and the fire services there is a big crowd formed every places so there are be the many volunteers they were helping to save the labor to comes out from the industry many of the labour gets bust in the explosion and the many of them suffer with many wounds for some they are be the list of legs and the hand due to the black smoke the fire service man and the volunteers and police mams are be suffering for breathing so they are be gets dehydrated and due to 5 hours of continuous efforts by the services man they made the situation under the control and the fire gets stopped due to the massive explosion there is a loss of many cores to the industry and the chairperson of the industry tell that recover money is to given to the all the worker who gets suffered during the explosion due to the proper work done by the police department fire department and the service volunteers are be done the quick and the great efforts so the government are be appreciated the people who save the life of the labour