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Without exception, all split systems are equipped with several automatic modes. The more of these systems, the higher is the cost of the air conditioner. Among the most useful modes, self-cleaning, self-diagnosis, climate control and sleep mode can be distinguished. From the ATEX Air Conditioners this is important now.

Manufacturers annually offer many new diverse types of design of air conditioners.

Now it’s not a problem to choose this device for any interior, so you don’t have to stop at boring white or black colors, you can choose a brighter option!

If you are not the owner of the premises, but rent it (rent an apartment, for example): select a mobile air conditioner that does not require installation. It makes sense to choose a floor-mounted mobile air conditioner even if the heat has already arrived and you have not bought the air conditioner yet (you won’t have to wait long for the installers).

  • If you need an inexpensive air conditioner and the noise level is not very important – select a window. Window air conditioners are the cheapest and easiest type of air conditioner. Window air conditioning is very reliable, and its installation is simple and does not require highly qualified installers. Windows, of course, are noisy and, as they crash into the window, take useful sunlight, but are quite inexpensive and can serve areas from 15 to 70 m2. But note that a window air conditioner cannot be installed in a plastic window.
  • Wall-mounted air conditioning (split system) is most often chosen for low noise, small sizes of the indoor unit and a wide variety of functions. It is suitable for both the office and living room. It is in wall-mounted air conditioners that mainly install air ionizers, the most advanced filters, oxygen enrichment systems … The cooling and heating power is usually designed for 15 – 70 m2, although there are more powerful models.

If you want the air conditioner to be completely invisible in the room, fit:

ATEX Air Conditioners

Duct air conditioning

It distributes the conditioned air through a duct network. In the rooms themselves, only almost invisible air outlets are placed. A ducted air conditioner draws air through the exhaust ducts from the room, mixes fresh air from the street (no more than 25%, and may not mix), it conditions and distributes through the system of supply ventilation ducts.

Cassette air conditioning

For air conditioners of this type, only decorative grilles are visible in the cells of the suspended ceiling. The indoor unit itself is located behind a suspended ceiling. To install these types of air conditioners, it is necessary to have a suspended ceiling and its sufficient height. Power cooling and heating is usually designed for 50 – 200 m2.

The floor-and-ceiling air conditioner is similar in design to the wall, only the power is greater (designed for an area of ​​up to 160 m2). Mounted to the ceiling, and some models can be installed vertically on the floor against the wall. It is usually installed if the room does not have a false ceiling.

All columned air conditioners have a large capacity and are designed for spacious rooms (halls of hotels and cinemas from 70 to 300 m2). The indoor unit of the columned air conditioner is placed on the floor. People should not be near it – a very strong stream of air blows from it.