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It is that the investigations in this line of action speak of the importance of combining these three factors, which cannot be understood separately. For example, the emotional state will influence our physical performance or adherence to diet or physical exercise without proper nutrition will not allow the goal of losing weight to be met, because for this to occur a caloric mismatch must occur: the Calorie intake should be less than your burning. With leptitox you can expect the best options now.

Regarding the diet, it is necessary to understand that we live in an era in which many of the foods we consume go through different chemical processes and are sold in large quantities to maximize their profitability. So it is necessary to educate ourselves in the nutritional aspects not only to lose weight but to feed properly. After all, we are talking about health, and weight loss should never be an obsession.


Do not forget to exercise

The key, therefore, is to combine the correct diet with the correct physical exercise and say correct because it is possible to train and not see results, either because we get stuck and do not improve or simply by misinformation about how to train to achieve the objectives we set. The reality is that we have to do sports if we want to lose weight and improve our health because the caloric mismatch should not occur because of living in fasting mode or eating only salads.

Tips to burn fat and lose weight

This article is designed precisely for that, to avoid misinformation. In the following lines, you can find 50 tips to lose weight and lose weight in a healthy way.

Don’t go to the supermarket to eat hungrily

Scientific data shows that going to the supermarket on an empty stomach does you a disservice. Hunger will cause a carving effect or syndrome of love, so you will be more likely to buy foods with high doses of sugar.

Reduce sugar consumption

You should avoid as much as possible the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugary products with a high glycemic index, because they cause hyperglycemia and cause the blood glucose level to increase rapidly, which causes the release of insulin and, consequently, the storage of glucose in the form of fat.


Consuming excess salt causes fluid retention and, consequently, weight gain.

Train in the morning

If you can, train in the morning. After a long day at work, you may look for any excuse for not doing so.

Be realistic

Excessive motivation is just as damaging as a lack of motivation because it can cause frustration so that we decide to abandon our goals early.

Train the strength

Strength training causes your basal metabolism to increase. That is when you rest you burn more calories.

Yogurt, which is Greek

Greek yogurt is rich in protein and proteins are slow digestion, this means that you will stay satisfied for longer. It also provides iodine, which is vital for the thyroid and since the thyroid is responsible for processing and storing fat; and it contains vitamin D and calcium, which fight the effect of cortisol, the stress hormone, which causes you to accumulate fat in the abdominal area. Better if skimmed.