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Since the appearance of the first e-liquids with Alfa-liquid in 2010 or Vincent in the vapes in 2012, their composition and recipes have evolved enormously to stay in touch with the desires of the vapers with Naked Ejuice through the constant evolution of their equipment.

From 2010 to 2014, the recipes were very similar in their basic composition; the PG / VG levels were 80 to 70% of PG and 20 to 30% of VG constituting fluid fluids well suited to the cartomizers of the time reserved for indirect inhalation: MTL. The steam was then unobtrusive and relatively unsatisfactory for a smoker, making the use of high nicotine levels mandatory. From then on, the search for the big steam was initiated.

Evolution of accessories for e-cigarettes

The resistances became sub-Ohm thanks to electronic mod boxes and the holes allowing the passage of the e-liquids were enlarged, the steam began to be at the rendezvous, but the leaks were legion. Indeed the fluidity of propylene glycol was absolutely not suitable for this type of clearomizer.

Naked Ejuice

We were in 2015 and appeared more and more new brands, new ranges at higher VG rates with a predilection for the 50/50. This recipe, still relevant, offers a more viscous e-liquid fewer leaks, a denser vapor, and more rounds in the mouth and opens the door to gourmet e-liquids. 2016 is the year of the democratization of clearomisers direct inhalation with abundant vapor favoring the assimilation of nicotine. With the abundance of steam, consumers are reducing their usual nicotine levels, and sales of nicotine liquids 6 mg / ml are catching up with those of liquids in 12 mg / ml.

This is the famous TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) European Directive on Tobacco Products. Therefore, only vials with a volume of less than or equal to 10 ml containing nicotine are authorized on the French market with a value that must not exceed 20 mg of nicotine per ml of e-liquid. Any e-liquid is subjected to a scrupulous and expensive control in each aroma and for each rate of nicotine, for each of them, the time of placing on the market is at least 6 months.

What consequences for vapers?

After the shock of this TPD, the vapers had to adapt. Indeed it is the end of the large containers of nicotine e-liquids, even the neutral base bottle become nicotine-free.

Fortunately, the combination of 2 factors still preserves the freedom of the vapers. the high-performance clearomizers allow the use of e-liquids very little nicotine and the products not containing nicotine are not concerned by the TPD, from there to find a solution there is only one step, it is the booster. Boosters in 10 ml and offering high nicotine levels (18, 19 or 20 mg / ml) can be added to the liquid without nicotine to obtain the desired nicotine level.

This process allows manufacturers as well as vapers to minimize the manufacturing price for some and purchase for others. Beware of all medals with a flip side: these e-liquids without nicotine are not subject to the legislation (TPD) which basically means that they can hold anything.