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The efficiency of the energy we use also depends on how we equipped our home. With proper arrangement, we save energy and at the same time do not save on comfort. We do not often make repairs, arrange furniture or hanging lamps, so it is very important to do it right away. For the Energy Outlet   this is important.

To improve the natural light in the room, finish the walls and ceiling with light tones. This is especially important in rooms where there is little sunlight. In such a room it will be lighter because light walls reflect 70 – 80% of the light, and dark walls only 10 – 15%. In such rooms, the windows usually face north, or nearby buildings, trees, etc., interfere with natural light.

Modern apartments are effectively equipped with combined lighting.

All artificial lighting in apartments can be divided into general and local. General lighting is intended for uniform illumination of a room, usually, in our homes, this role is played by a chandelier. It hangs in the center of the room and is a powerful lamp whose task is to illuminate every corner, but it does not always succeed. It turns out that in the center of the room the light is too bright, and in the far corners of the room is insufficient. For this, local lighting is done.

In apartments, these are sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. They then need to be arranged and hung so that those places where the chandelier does not illuminate enough are illuminated by them additionally. The power of a chandelier can be considered sufficient if 15 – 25 W of incandescent lamp power falls on 1 m2 of an area the power of fluorescent lamps, including energy-saving lamps, will be 5 times less. For local lighting, lamps are 1.5 to 2 times less powerful than in pendant lights. The combination of general and local lighting is called combined.

What does this give us?

The room is evenly lit. We no longer need a too powerful chandelier. You can only illuminate the part of the room that we need, and where it is not needed, turn it off. The apartment will become more comfortable and comfortable. As a result of the combined lighting device for a room of 18 – 20 m2, up to 200 kWh per year is saved.

Energy Outlet

It is convenient and profitable to equip your home with dimmers. They allow you to smoothly adjust the lighting in the room. The dimmer, as the name implies also called a dimmer, can continuously adjust the level of lighting in the room. If the room has too bright lighting it can be diminished, while electricity is also saved. Dimmers are manual and automatic.

We also recommend using various automatic lighting control systems. These systems are able to independently turn on and off the lighting or even change its intensity depending on the given scenario using sensors that respond to light, sound or movement.

Give preference to luminescent lighting.

There are now compact fluorescent lamps they are also called energy-saving. They are economical in the same way as the tube fluorescent lamps are known to us but do not require special lamps, because almost always suitable for installation in a conventional cartridge for a conventional incandescent lamp. Meanwhile, fluorescent lighting is about 5 times more economical than lighting incandescent lamps.