Great Choices in the Use of the Surgical Masks

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A slightly more advanced version of the mask is done in much the same way as the previous one. A strip of gauze or a wide bandage measuring 80 x 40 centimeters should be folded along the long side, then measure about 30-35 centimeters on both sides and cut along the middle. These will be the ties. In the middle part put a quadruple gauze or bandage folded – you should get a square with a side of 20 centimeters. In Joom you can have the best choices.

Such a mask can be worn for several hours, after which it is not necessary to throw it away – you can wash, dry and iron with iron in the “cotton” mode before reuse. And if you sew a square on only three sides, it will be possible to change the “filling” separately and thereby increase the number of “cycles” of use.


Capital option

Fabric masks are stronger and practically not subject to wear, unlike cotton-gauze. In addition, for their manufacture, you can use any unnecessary, but clean things: clothes, bedding. The main thing is that the fabric should be natural, best of all cotton or flannel.

A workpiece measuring approximately 50 x 30 centimeters should be folded in half along the long side and stitched on both sides. Then turn it on the front side and position it so that the seam is in the middle of the long side like a sleeve. After that, fold the workpiece in half along the short side and sew indented one centimeter from the edge.

Then the resulting rectangle must again be placed with a seam in the middle, thread along the edges of the elastic or ribbon and sew along with them. The mask is ready! And thanks to the “floating” fastening of the gum when tightening it will be as anatomically as possible taking the shape of a face.

Expert opinion

There are three undoubted advantages of such needlework: firstly, masks can be created from improvised materials, which will be cheaper than buying them in a pharmacy. Secondly, they can be made without leaving your home you just need to find on the mezzanine an old set of sheets or bandages with cotton wool. At home, it is quite possible to make a mask, which in terms of effectiveness will be equal to a conventional medical mask.

“In principle, you can simply fold the bandage several times and tie it on the face with ribbon. Medical masks are, in fact, necessary for the person’s inner peace, because the size of the virus is measured in microns: compared to the pores in the material of any mask, it looks like a pea in the background five-story building, “- said the expert.

Therefore, in addition to the mask, personal hygiene measures must be observed: wash your hands regularly, treat them with an antiseptic. And also, if possible, reduce contacts with others: do not shake hands do not go to crowded places.

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