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Jaipur Traveling and Finding the Secrets of the City

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What to visit in Jaipur? What to see in this city? These are two questions asked by Internet users who come back regularly. According to us, here are the sights and places not to miss in Jaipur. You can head to Jaipur from Delhi easily now and that also in the Taxi. Both your time and labor will be saved there. The JaipurDelhiTaxi.com Jaipur is the best place to search in for that task now.

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The Wind Palace (Hawa Mahal) (see photo above)

Practical information: it is more impressive from the outside than the inside and the visit is fast. This is certainly the reason why entry is not expensive at all: 30 rupees (less than one euro). To this you have to add 50 rupees if you have a camera and 70 rupees if you have a camcorder (which is not really necessary for this monument).

Our advice: if you do not stay more than two days in Jaipur, we recommend visiting this monument only if you have the time because the interior is not “extraordinary”. On the other hand, go absolutely to contemplate it from outside, it is one of the most famous monuments of Rajasthan.

Culture: consisting of almost 1000 balconies and windows, it is a unique palace in the world built by the Rajput at the dawn of the nineteenth century. Long and very high, its width surprises because it is about 2.50 meters. The five floors of the facade were built so that the women of the harem could watch the street without passersby seeing them.

The City Palace

Open from 9.30 am to 6 pm, the entrance costs 300 rupees with the audioguide and your camera. Add 200 rupees if you have a camcorder.

Our advice: If you go to Jodhpur, prefer the latter it is more interesting and more spectacular. That of Udaipur is worth the detour too.

Culture: The palace is still occupied by the royal family. The Audience Hall houses 2 enormous 345kg jars with a capacity of 9000 liters. On the first floor you can admire the magnificent costume of Maharaja Madho Singh I, who was almost 2 meters tall and weighed 250 kg, and died at 40.

The Mantar Jantar

The most famous astronomical observation site in the country: the Jantar Mantar.

Practical information: The entrance costs 100 rupees and the audioguide 150 rupees. Again, we strongly advise you to pay a “real” guide, it’s more fun even if it’s double the price of the audioguide. However, you can bargain and lower the price up to 200 rupees if there are not too many people.

Our advice: Really very interesting. Registered since 2010 UNESCO World Heritage is a visit not to miss with a guide of preference. This changes other Rajasthan tours and we learn a lot about astrology (very important for the Indians) and about Jai Singh II.

Culture Jai Singh II was inspired by another observatory he had built in Delhi to build the Jantar Mantar (or the Yantra mandir). It was built to establish the most favorable moments for the important events of a man’s life (marriage, birth).