Removals Company Bury St Edmunds

People Took A Strike Of The Company’s In The City Of England

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England is the very beautiful countries and it has a separate fan base in the peoples choice in the country England there be the famous town called bury St Edmunds in the there is the most popular holy church is be located so most of the tourist peoples are being visited the town every year in this town the peoples are being formed and strike to Removals Company Bury St Edmunds  in the town

The famous company 

Removals Company Bury St Edmunds

In the famous town, most of the tourist’s people are be visited places by eating the biscuits and the snacks so they are by visiting the places for the vacation time and for the time passing reason so the many people are willing to purchase the snacks so in the town there be the famous biscuit and snacks industry are be located it is located in the center of the town they do the biscuits chocolates and cookies they are be manufactured the biscuits for the past 50 years so it has been the very popular company of the town so all the people in the towns are liked the biscuits prepared by them

The poison substance 

The company gets to be famous for all over the country so due to this there may be the lots of demand for them slowly the whole is been famous for that biscuits company many children are eating the biscuits with love and they are be offering the gifts inside the pack to gets be more inspired so due to the lots of the demand for their products they started making the chemicals that improve the taste and the high productivity of the product so they use into the high level for the government testing they don’t know the usage of chemicals in that by taking the biscuits daily that lets to the many diseases like the liver fai5cancer and etc… for the kids by taking it frequently it leads to the death

The symptoms of consuming biscuits daily 

It leads to a high fever and even in the test the doctor doesn’t come to know about the chemicals used in the biscuits so it made many children and sold some person to make admit to the hospital the truly doesn’t know that the what is exactly happening in the town so due to the many pieces of research and help of the international scientists they come to know the flow of poisonous chemicals in the blood that with many investigations comes to know that all because of that biscuits company

Strike and removal of the company 

People are e getting very angry and they are being started striking to close the company in the town they all do it for the taste and the increase the level of the production so the people are getting into the company and started fighting with the staff and they destroy all the machines in the company and they fully destroy the whole company so they court order to death to the owners and the close of the company rights and put to seal it so after the judgment the government officials are put the seal to the company