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Smartest Options for the best Car Accident Lawyer

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When a car accident occurs, it is essential to stay calm and make sure first of all that there is no serious damage to people. It is important to record in a timely and complete manner the number plates of the vehicles, the names of the persons involved (transported and / or pedestrians), any witnesses and authorities intervened.

The tool to be used in this case is the blue Form which, correctly filled in all its parts, allows reducing the time for opening the complaint and thus speeding up the claims for damages. The car accident lawyer can guide you on this.

Clearly describing the dynamics of the accident is fundamental for defining the responsibilities of the parties involved. Below you can find directions to open your file correctly:

Request direct compensation from my company

In all the cases envisaged by the legislation that can be managed through direct compensation, your insurance company will take care of your case (in the other cases where you are right going to point 2).

car accident lawyer

The settlement will be more convenient and secure because it will be managed directly by us: we will follow you at every stage to guarantee total and fast coverage.

Benefits for you:

  • The uniqueness of interlocutor, with the possibility of choosing the most convenient contact mode;
  • Promptness of preliminary investigation of the practice and update in real time of the most relevant events, with precise information;
  • Wide possibility of choice among the affiliated body shops closest to you, among those affiliated with our Group.

What to do:

Complete the blue Amicable Finding form with particular attention to:

  • number plates of the two insured vehicles
  • company names
  • description of the accident dynamics
  • date and time of the accident
  • Driver’s signature: if there is an agreement, always collect also the signature of the other party involved: compensation times are shortened.

Choose the body shop and forward it to the Company through the online form available in the reserved area.

We also recommend that you always enter the contact details to which we can contact you, it will be easier and faster to solve any doubts or find any missing information. If you do not have the Blue Form, use this Form, and complete it in its entirety:

Cases excluded from Direct Compensation

If you have suffered an accident that does not fall within the cases provided for by Direct Compensation, it is necessary to forward the claim to the company of the person responsible for the loss.

Fill in the following form in all its parts and send it, by registered letter with return receipt, to the registered office of this company, which will provide for the opening of the claim, possibly assigning the expert, and will contact you for the management of the case.

Report of a claim

We remind you that it is important (it is a duty prescribed by the Civil Code) to always report an accident. In the event of claims not promptly reported, your company will be notified of this event by the damaged company, and it will be your duty to provide explanations and your version of the facts.