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Smartest Options with the Best UAE Residence

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Education in the United Arab Emirates represents a significant cost, even for the smallest of your toddlers. The company that employs you can sometimes contribute to the cost of teaching your children. Classes start early in the morning around 7.45 a.m. and end between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., leaving plenty of free time in the afternoon for extra-curricular activities. Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer different offers from international establishments. For the dubai residency this is very important now.

Some, victims of their success, only accept new students on the waiting list. We, therefore, advise you to start your procedures as quickly as possible, to put all the chances on your side to integrate your child in the establishment of your choice. In terms of higher education, there have been for several years the University Paris-Sorbonne-Abu Dhabi, an Emirati establishment, partly French-speaking, created following an agreement between the French University Paris-Sorbonne and the Ministry of Education Higher and Research in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. On the same principle, New York University Abu Dhabi opened its doors in 2010.

Health in the United Arab Emirates

The medical care in the United Arab Emirates is of very good quality and the hospital infrastructures of first-rate, and you will be remarkably well treated there. However, this excellence comes at a price: health-related expenses are extremely expensive. A general practitioner consultation will cost you 95 euros while a specialist doctor consultation will range between 100 and 240 euros depending on the case. It is therefore very important to be well covered, especially if you intend to go through private hospitals or clinics.

Medical cover is compulsory for working in the United Arab Emirates. It is most often included in the package offered by your employer. Expatriates wishing to take out health insurance can do so only with approved local insurers. A bit on the principle of Obamacare in the United States, health insurance must be marketed by a local insurer to be valid. Settling in the United Arab Emirates, with its cities where excessiveness is the watchword, can be financially dangerous for expatriates.

dubai residency

International job offers

The error is human. But if you manage your budget badly, it could cost you a small fortune. Choosing the wrong investments, having no reserves for an emergency, or not preparing for death or illness are three blunders that can weigh heavily on your whole family.

Having no reserves in an emergency

Rainy days are rare in the UAE, but that doesn’t save you pennies just in case. Golden rule: have the equivalent of three months of spending on an easily accessible savings account in case of emergency.

Stuart Ritchie, director of wealth management at AES International a consulting firm, thinks about the consequences of illness or job loss on his finances. Figure out how much money you need and decide where to keep it. Expatriates should consider placing their money in an account abroad, he said.

The rule for ex-pats is: if you come from country A and live in country B, put money in country C. For those who prefer to keep their wool stockings closer to home, there are savings accounts with high-interest rates in the UAE or lottery savings accounts – savers who open such an account can win a nice amount of money.