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The Greater Choices for the best of Solvent recyclers

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Wanting practicality, low cost for your business, home, condominiums or even events, fairs and parties in general? Here we have the best boxes made of reinforced, corrugated and sustainable cardboard. Let’s show some tips on what to put in each one. You can visit this website and learn about the solvent recyclers for the same.

Red / Plastic Trash

Used for plastic bottles and cups, lids, bags, hygiene and cleaning packaging, toys, pipes and other utensils such as pens, toothbrushes, buckets.

Do not put: Stickers, foil packaging (such as cookies, chocolates and the like), panhandles, acrylics, X-ray plates and disposable diapers.

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We have the following models:

Red corrugated trash can is simple.

Yellow / Metal Trash

  • Place canned aluminum and steel cans, bottle caps, cordless pans, hardware/wires/plates/copper, metal pipes, clean aluminum marmite packs, nails/screws, pots, wires, steel cutlery.
  • Do not put paint/varnish cans, cans of toxic products (such as aerosol dispensers) and steel sponges.
  • corrugated trash bin mod-g-yellow-simple metal
  • Green Trash / Glass
  • Used for glass bottles, jars, (clean) bottles of cleaning products or food and even medicines (well washed). You can put broken pieces of these things as well, but preferably inside boxes identifying the content.

Do not put porcelain/crockery/ceramics, glasses, crystals, mirrors, medicine ampoules, TV tubes. Fluorescent (economical) lamps go to the hazardous waste collector.

Blue Trash / Paper

Load plain paper (preferably whole but can be shredded) – including print or writing, newspapers/magazines, envelopes, card stock, card stock, clean wrapping paper, tetra park packaging.

Do not put: Adhesive labels, carbon paper, cellophane, metalized, paraffin, laminated, photographs, toilet paper, dirty tissues and napkins, cigarette butts.

Recycle Bin Gray / Not Recyclable

The gray trash bin is basically for the rest, namely toilet paper, disposable diapers, carbon paper, metalized plastic containers, ceramics, mirrors, steel sponges, paint cans, milk cartons and aerosol containers.

Due to the variety of garbage produced on a daily basis, it is necessary to have its own trash for each room of the house, ensuring hygiene and organization. There are several types of dumpsters with a wide range of colors, designs, sizes, openings and environmental indications.

Besides choosing the ideal model for each need, two other points should be noted: the correct separation of waste (recyclable, non-recyclable and organic) and the constant removal of this waste that, if accumulated for a long time, attracts insects and spreads the bad I smell around the house.

Check out the models of Astra dumps and choose the most suitable for your home:

Kitchen Dumpsters:

Pedal Trash Bins: Some say that avoiding direct contact with the trash can is more hygienic, as these items contain germs and bacteria. For this reason, pedal trash options are best suited for bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Eco-friendly trash bins allow the separation of organic and recyclable waste by simultaneously fitting two plastic bags into its inner rim. Capacity: 16 and 25 liters.

Sink Trash: With a retractable lid that prevents the trash from being exposed to the environment and modern design, this trash bin is ideal for kitchen sink. Capacity: 3 liters.

Decorated Trash Bins: Vintage prints add style to the environment. In the tilting lid and removable lid version, this bin is available in square and round format.