The Perfect House Viewing As per Your Requirement

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Viewing a house is exciting. Maybe you are already in your new home. But what exactly should you pay attention to? What should you check? What questions do you ask the broker and which not? With the House Viewing checklist, you walk well and structured through perhaps your new home. You can visit to get the best results.

Determine your budget

What is the maximum you can borrow for your mortgage? And what can you spend on housing costs at most per month? A financial adviser gives you answers to these questions. It is important here what kind of advisor you choose. A mortgage advisor from a bank only advises on mortgages from that specific bank. An independent consultant makes an independent comparison of all providers. You will then receive the advice that best suits you.

Make a wish list

What does your new home have to meet? Make a list with your most important criteria and add a rating to it. For example: at least 130 m2, very important. Garage with the DIY room bit important. Woodstove, a nice extra. Consider also the number of rooms, the type of home, a garden, the state of maintenance, the year of construction, the environment and the location. With a wish list, you can avoid spending time visiting properties that do not actually meet your criteria.

Discover the area

Before you visit the house, discover the neighborhood and surroundings. With a walk or bike ride, you get a good picture. Are all the facilities that you think are important available? Is there sufficient parking space and is there a supermarket nearby? Feel free to call the neighbors or someone else in the street. They can tell you what it’s like to live in this neighborhood and whether there is ever a nuisance.

Search for additional information

Does the municipality still have plans for the neighborhood where the house is located? And is anything known about soil contamination, foundation problems or nuisance?

On real estate sites, you can view the zoning plan for each neighborhood of almost every municipality. If your neighborhood is not listed here, consult the website of the municipality itself. Neighborhood newspapers are also useful for reading. Plans for the neighborhood are often announced here.

You can also request a housing report from the Land Registry. This is a complete report that helps you estimate the real value of the home.  You can also use this to find out what the current occupant has paid for the house.

The viewing: See during the day

It may sound a bit abstract, but sunlight provides a certain experience in a house. It is an experience that you can only experience during the day. Whether you also like the house in the evening is much more in your own hands. You can make it beautiful at night with the right lamps. In addition, daylight ensures that you can see any defects in the home more easily.

Take photos

Really do it. Although your memory is still so good, you will miss the details during the viewing. Also, note the corners of the house that were not on Funda’s photos. The broker mainly photographs the beautiful parts of a home. Why didn’t he photograph certain angles? Is there something wrong?