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The Use of the Tampered Glass

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Tempered glass is used in many industries. It has one very important property – when broken, it splits into many small squares with blunt edges. This greatly reduces the risk of injury to a person who is in the epicenter of glass destruction. With the best tempered glass company you can come up to a new place.

The Right Effect

This effect is achieved by special processing, which has a technology similar to metal hardening. Glass tempering occurs under the same conditions but at lower heating temperatures. The processing procedure increases the cost of the material, but its operational parameters are many times better, so hardening is quite cost-effective.

Features Of Material Production

Tempered glass is produced by processing standard materials. That is, at the manufacturing stage, no techniques are applied that allows the glass to obtain certain mechanical properties or additional resistance. Additional elements can be introduced into the composition, which will enhance hardening, but they will reveal their potential only after heat treatment. So the manufacture of tempered glass is not possible without firing it with subsequent cooling. The material is placed in a special furnace in which it is heated to a temperature of 650-680 degrees Celsius.

In this mode, the glass spends a certain period of time, which depends on the thickness of the material and the chemical composition of a particular brand. After heating, the glass is quenched by airflow. At the same time, the air is supplied from both sides, otherwise, it will not work to temper the glass. As a result of the manipulations, a layer with residual compressive stress is formed on the surface of the material, which upon impact does not allow the glass to break into fragments, but simply crumbles into square particles.

Fields Of Application

The main characteristics of tempered glass are its high mechanical strength, heat resistance and toughness. This material is several times stronger than ordinary glass. It is quite difficult to break, so it is used in the manufacture of storefronts. Tempered glass doors are also widespread and are used on many buildings for various purposes. In addition to strength, the choice of material is also affected by its safety. If a window or door is suddenly broken, people nearby will not be seriously injured.

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Tempered glass partitions are installed in the offices of large companies. They provide an excellent level of sound insulation so that workers from different departments will not interfere with each other. And at the same time, thanks to the transparent walls, the authorities will always be able to control the work process without getting up from their place. If someone flaunts, it will immediately become noticeable.

Tempered glass panels are installed inside stores to protect goods. Most often they are used in the sale of jewelry. It will be very difficult for an attacker to break the glass with one blow and steal something. And having failed the first time, he is likely to run away.

The Last Word

Protective tempered glass is also used in the automotive industry. Side and rear windows of the machine can be made from it. But the use of material for windshields is strictly prohibited. Small particles during an accident can seriously injure the organs of vision, so another material is used for the front glass. It is called tempered glass triplex. Its feature is layering. Moreover, all layers are interconnected by a special adhesive film.