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Tips for Hassle free Moving in Bangalore

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Take the time to look at them carefully to choose the right one for you. Depending on your choice, some charges are for you or for us for the best packers an movers bangalore .

Prepare your boxes well in advance

It is essential to plan and organize your move, by a cardboard sorting of your house. Bring solid cardboard boxes, packers offer the quality of their boxes for all your items. In addition it is essential to have a marker to name all your cards. This will allow you to know the content and directly place them in the corresponding room.

Protect your furniture during transport

best packers an movers bangalore

This is the most disturbing part of an organized move. Depending on the option you choose and the number of people who help you, furniture and appliances are heavy and sometimes bulky. It is therefore essential to prepare in advance. Take the time to disconnect all your electrical devices before we come and plan for protective covers to achieve a safe transport of your goods.

How to reduce costs?

  • Avoid peak seasons
  • Move out the bare essentials – sort it out
  • Make the packaging well to avoid breakage
  • Pack yourself
  • Tax reduction depending on the reason or conditions of your move
  • Location of the move

Take the time to organize and plan your move, packers advise you to start packing boxes 10 days before. Do not hesitate to contact your movers.

Price of a move

The date: Weekdays and mid-months are less expensive.

Pack your own boxes: It is safer to pack your boxes carefully and each packaged box is money earned during your organized move.

The volume: It’s time to sort, save money with fewer volumes.

Plan: It is essential to foresee all the costs for an organized move without surprise, ask a quote two months before your move.

Delivery service

It is important for us to remember what we are responsible for and what you are responsible for. Take the time to consult online pages which will be able to detail you the various proposals of services of Moving Service Bangalore.

  • Economic
  • Standard
  • Luxury

Moving Insurance

Consult the insurance conditions that ensure you a move organized with confidence and knowing all your commitments and that of packers.

Successful Move

If you have small children, plan to give them to friends or relatives. Get the quote, the statement of value, and arrange with the mover to settle the move. Use colored labels or markers of different colors, to mark on the boxes the contents that will correspond to your plan of implantation.

Do not expect to unpack all of your boxes the same day you move in. Indicate to the moving company that you have selected if the parking request is required. Disassemble your electrical devices, keep the cables.

Plan to stall the motor and the tub of your washing machine, empty the water from the recovery tank of your dishwasher and your dryer. If you pack two cartons every day in two weeks, 30 cartons are already made without haste.