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Tips for Those Who Will Receive the New Property:

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It’s time to get the keys to the new home, but first, you have to check the property with the builder to see if all the items are in order. According to expert, the general manager of a construction company, many customers are excited about the delivery of the home and end up not looking at the main points that need to be checked. From www.aradeng.com now you can get the best deals.


Make the inspection schedule on a quiet day, so that it is done carefully. Many customers get caught up in the excitement and don’t forget to look at the home with critical eyes for corrections and adjustments to be made. For those who do not feel safe doing this alone, it is worth calling someone known to accompany or even hire a company that specializes in this type of service.

Have the Descriptive Memorial in Hand

By taking the descriptive memorial, the client will be able to check that all materials applied to follow the specifications.

Aluminum or wood frames

Make a visual assessment of windows and doors, checking for damage such as scratches and damaged paintwork. Test the operation by opening and closing the doors, and require the delivery of all keys.


Electrical Installations

There is usually no way to be tested as the power meter is not yet installed. In this case, it is important to make clear in the builder’s checklist report that the electrical installations were not checked because the power was not yet working.

Hydraulic Facilities

Upon entering the home, turn on all taps and let the water run out for about two minutes to check that there are no leaks in the siphons. In the flush toilets, turn on and see if the water flow is satisfactory, repeating the drive-in sequence for one more time to make sure the proper functioning.

Ceramic Coatings and Grouts

Visually check for any damaged, cracked, cracked, or stained parts to make sure they are well seated, uneven, or discontinuous, and that there are no differently colored parts. Usually, a point of greatest pathology of grouts is at the edge of the drains, as it is a place of great contact with water. Therefore, what we do today to avoid problems is to apply in construction an anti-seepage drain, which has a protective hat so as not to damage the grout.

Against Floor

According to expert, in addition to visual assessment, to test the counter floor, simply tap the broom handle on the ceramic to see if there is any hollow sound point where the ceramic or counter floor may lose grip with the floor. Substrate causes the pieces to detach in the future and, in the case of the ceramic coating, becoming more fragile to mechanical impacts.


Visually check the flatness of the walls, if there are no spots that form shadows. If there are any flaws in the paint such as stains, a correction should be requested and to remember where the correction points were, shoot and make a note on the checklist.

Parking space

Check with a tape measure the size of your parking space. Most of the clients do not check the vacancy or the bin, but it is important to check if the measurements are within what was purchased.

In the case of homes that were customized during construction, the executive suggests that the architect in charge of the process also accompany the inspection to verify that all changes were made as planned.