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What is the major need for Solicitors to look into legal cases?

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Solicitors represent and defend clients’ legal interests and supply recommendations. resolve a lot of concerning the work solicitors do, the talents required, and the way to qualify. Solicitors Southend has a demand for lawyers.

A career as a solicitor may be gratifying and intellectually difficult. There area unit many various areas of law you’ll concentrate on, that the work may be varied.

A solicitor is totally different from a lawyer. somebody UN agency is trying to find legal recommendations can usually see a solicitor 1st. If the consumer desires a lot of specialist recommendations, then the solicitor could instruct a lawyer.

Solicitors and barristers each provide legal recommendation, and may additionally represent their shoppers in court, however barristers area unit a lot of probably to try to support work, representing shoppers within the higher courts.

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Becoming a solicitor takes loads of commitment. you want to study and train for a minimum of six years full time, and competition for coaching contracts is high. try and resolve the maximum amount as you’ll concerning what a career within the law is like by:

talking to solicitors, for instance at careers fairs

applying for work expertise

Solicitors Southend

What solicitors do

Solicitors represent and defend clients’ legal interests, and supply recommendation in several things, for example:

Giving skilled recommendation on everyday problems, like shopping for and mercantilism homes, and addressing relationship breakdowns, helping businesses with business transactions, protecting individuals’ rights, ensuring they’re treated fairly by public or non-public bodies, providing free facilitate (pro bono) in sure circumstances, for instance for folks that area unit unable to get hold of legal services.

A solicitor’s work may be divided into:

contentious legal work – partitioning disputes between 2 or a lot of parties, typically in a very court of judicature

non-contentious legal work – addressing the legal aspects of a client’s business or personal matter, for instance managing an organization merger, or creating a can

A solicitor’s duties include:

  • researching cases and legislation
  • drafting letters, contracts, wills, and different legal documents
  • liaising with shoppers and different professionals like barristers
  • representing shoppers in court or at tribunals

Where solicitors work

Solicitors will work in:

  • law corporations (private practice)
  • central or regime
  • legal departments among organizations (in-house)
  • the Crown Prosecution Service
  • law centres

How much solicitors earn

The amount you’ll earn can rely upon a variety of things.


You need to be determined and driven to succeed as a solicitor.

A legal career demands:

  • intellectual ability – the law is advanced
  • flexibility – no 2 days area unit constant
  • commitment – coaching needs vital effort and resource
  • strong oral and communication skills

A strong educational background is very important, however employers additionally seek for personal skills and attributes, for example:

  • dedication
  • a capability for exertions
  • personal integrity associate degreed a moral approach
  • commercial awareness

being able to speak with folks in any respect levels and win their respect


To be accepted for a degree, you’ll typically need:

at least 5 GCSEs at grade C or higher than, in English, Maths and generally a topic like a distant language.

A minimum of 2 A levels, and 3 A levels at A grade for the foremost widespread courses

You ought not typically to have taken A level law to try to to a degree, though some universities have specific subject necessities. you must analyze and compare courses to ascertain what universities area unit trying to find.