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What is WordPress? A brief explanation for beginners.

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WordPress is the simplest way to create your own blog or website. Usually, to build a blog or a website we would require some technical knowledge on software and coding. This was quite a task for those who did not know to code. WordPress is also one of the popular ways to build your website.

help on WordPress

Almost 37.6% of websites that are ranked on google are the websites that were built by using WordPress. One in four websites you visit each day is made in WordPress. With a little bit of learning and help on WordPress , you can easily build your own website even if you don’t even have the basic programming knowledge.

The best advantage of WordPress is that anyone can use it for free and also modify it without any cost at all. Overall, WordPress is an easily accessible and learnable platform to build websites without being a programming developer.

Types of Websites that we can build using WordPress

WordPress was first launched purely for writing blogs. There was no option to create a proper website. But nowadays, with lots of code changes, there is a wide range of plugins available that will help you to build any type of website you need to build. You can build a business website, a blogging website, an e-commerce site, forums, and anything you can come up with.

Who can use a WordPress site?

Anyone who has an interest in building their own web page can take up a WordPress site, Individuals can use WordPress, Big businesses, and everyone ! There are so many well known big businesses and people that use WordPress to power their website. Some of the popular examples are, the official website of US White house is powered by WordPress, The well-know software firm Microsoft uses WordPress to power their site.

The Profound advantage of using WordPress

The biggest benefit that you can get from using WordPress is that it is completely free and it is open-source software. Indeed, you will have to pay a hosting fee just for using that software which is very affordable when compared to its competitors like Squarespace.

Adding, WordPress also has many free themes and plugins to make your site look with great design, and with so many options for the users. There are over fifty thousand free plugins and five thousand free WordPress themes. They also have loads of premium options that will get activated upon up-gradation. This WordPress premium is also very affordable when compared to its competitor premium options.

Why use WordPress?

You should try out WordPress because not only because of its flexibility and accessibility but also for the ease to get help. Even if you run into any errors or issues with your WordPress site you can find a lot of help since it is popular. There are tons of blogs, tutorials, developers, and even Facebook groups from which you can seek help.

If you are a beginner to website building then it is best to start from learning to create a WordPress site.