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What Kind of Metal Sign You can Make Use of

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This solution is adopted by many companies, particularly useful for communicating promotions, discounts and new product launches. It is a very direct and personalized tool. The aim of the Metal Signs is also to maintain the relationship with the customer and generate trust.

Company blog: this channel has been highly re-evaluated by large and small companies. Also, in this case, the choices related to the advertising technique must take into account the potential of this tool. The contents created on blogs are very useful for making your products and services known, as well as for telling your story and communicating your corporate image.

Display ads and banner ads: these are content placed on the sites that your users often visit. They work a bit like the classic billboards: they remind users that you exist by reinforcing brand awareness. Just like billboards must be placed in the right place at the right time. Often the choice of this content is customized according to user preferences. In this case, the costs are quite high, precisely because you have to pay a real advertising space in which to be well visible.


Metal Signs

Last but not least, storytelling. Although this advertising technique can also be mentioned among offline channels, I feel obliged to include it among digital channels. This is because thanks to virality and re-sharing, a narrative content is able to reach multiple audiences and to be more effective than a content disseminated by a traditional medium. Emotionally speaking, he manages to be more persuasive than an advertising spot on TV. But let’s take a step back.

What is storytelling?

It is the art of telling a story, a narration that speaks of the company, a product, a brand, an event. The important thing is to use an engaging tone and play with the user’s emotions. Just like a story, therefore, there must be a beginning, an end, a protagonist, an action, a place, a historical time, an action.

The primary objective of any self-respecting storytelling is to create a real sensorial experience, something that can arouse a positive mood and can remain imprinted in the user’s memory.

From online to offline, from offline to online

We conclude this article with the evergreen advertising technique par excellence: word of mouth. Whether we talk about classic channels or digital channels, word of mouth knows no decline over time. This advertising technique, if it can be defined in this way, is particularly effective in that it aims at the diffusion of information between subjects.

We could venture to say that the advertising message, in addition to having the purchase induction as its ultimate goal, also aims to stimulate word of mouth. The word of mouth is the result of a positive reputation created by the company and is born precisely from the satisfaction of the user who will certainly have had a genuine commercial experience.

This is the only channel that starts directly from the user to the user (a model that we could define customer to customer). Companies are aware of the potential of interpersonal relationships and information exchanges, so they do their utmost to ensure that customers can speak well of the company and recommend their products to other potential customers.