What Kind of Video Games You Would Like to Prefer Now

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The vast majority of televisions have a stand that allows them to be placed on furniture. The latter can thus accommodate one or more video game consoles, a TV decoder and their accessories in its compartments and drawers. There are also pieces of furniture with integrated TV support, allowing the screen to be placed a little higher than when it is on its stand. Following the Reviews you can choose the games.

NorStone Esse Curve

The two large storage spaces of the NorStone Esse Curve TV-Video unit can accommodate video game consoles and an amplifier under the TV.

Stand TV

You would like to put your TV high against the wall but you do not want to make a hole in the partition? It is possible with a TV stand like the Norstone Suspens Plus.


TV on a ceiling support

As for a video projector, it is possible to mount your television on a bracket fixed to the ceiling. The television is thus suspended precisely where one wishes to install it, even in the middle of the room, without the footprint. The bracket can be of fixed length or adjustable in height, to raise or lower the TV as needed. Do not hesitate to consult customer service via the site contact page for this type of specific support. Personalized solutions can be offered to you on catalog or tailor-made, according to your needs.

Choose the right video projector for video games

The video projector allows you to enjoy a very large image, guaranteeing an even deeper immersion in the action of video games as in that of films and series. Its choice meets the same criteria as that of a television, including with regard to the input lag. Some video projectors thus suffer from a significant display delay, greater than 50 ms, which is not a problem for a film but is much more so in a game requiring excellent responsiveness. Others offering a very low input lag, less than 40 ms, are perfectly suited to video games. As with televisions, a quick tour in the image settings menu allows you to deactivate any video processing to improve things. To find out the input lag of a video projector, there is no other choice than to look for the information, since the manufacturers hardly ever measure this characteristic and therefore only very rarely mention it on the technical sheets. Certain sites that regularly publish tests of video projectors can constitute as many sources of information on the subject.

Ultra short, short or normal focal length video projector

This choice determines the placement of the video projector in the room and can have consequences for the gaming experience itself. This ultra-short throw projector can project an image of 2.5 m diagonal with a recoil of only 60 cm. It can be placed at the foot of the projection screen and in close proximity to other audio-video devices (TV decoder, game console, Blu-ray player), on an audio-video unit or on the floor.

Placed between the player and the projection screen, a short-throw video projector or an ultra-short (wide-angle) video projector leaves complete freedom of movement without the risk of masking the image (you cannot pass in front of the light beam). This is essential with certain sports or action-adventure video games requiring movement and movements on the part of the player (s), in particular on Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles.