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Which ASIC to choose for mining in 2019?

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Like any other device, even the best asic for mining in 2019, have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of mining cryptocurrencies with their help outweigh all the inconveniences. Now with the hummer miner mars h1 the options are Perfect.

Which ASIC is better to buy in 2019?

Mining capitalism today is a popular way to make money. Different coins are mined on equipment with high performance. Equipment manufacturers are coming up with increasingly powerful ASICs, and old models are becoming unprofitable.

All models presented in our rating will allow you to start earning income fairly quickly. Of course, time does not stand still. Manufacturers are trying to create more reliable and productive ASIC for mining cryptocurrency. Therefore it is worth paying attention to the newest models. In the event that you cannot afford ASIC – we advise you to pay attention to cloud mining services.

The course of all cryptocurrency continues to grow rapidly, so many are beginning to think about how to make money on new technologies. One of the most popular and profitable ways is mining. Let us consider in detail how to properly build a farm for mining and get a good income from the extraction of cryptocurrency.


A mining farm is a computer with additional equipment connected, which performs the computational processes necessary for the operation of the blockchain network.

Usually, video cards act as such equipment, less often ASIC miners. In order to independently make a farm for mining, you need to assemble a body for the equipment and purchase components with powerful computing power. Before becoming a miner, you should assess the financial possibilities; choose a room with good ventilation and an electrical network.

Accessories for mining farms

The complete set of a farm for mining includes:

Case – stand

fusion silicon x1

It is better to assemble a rack or case for video cards and ASIC-miners independently since standard models do not provide for placing a large number of components. As materials, you can use wooden and steel materials at hand (bars, angles, strips, etc.).


It is important that there are a large number of slots for connecting the maximum number of video cards, FPGA, ASIC.


In the process of mining, the processor is practically not used. The only requirement is compatibility with the motherboard, so you can choose an economy option.

Memory (RAM)

The RAM is only needed for the OS, and the mining process itself does not require RAM. For normal farm operation, 4 GB is sufficient.


The hard disk is only needed to maintain the overall operational status of the network, install the miner and possibly a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, there is no need for a large amount of HDD. For the farm fit disks with a capacity of 100 GB or more.

Power Supply

Use high power supplies. When calculating the energy consumption of the farm and the choice of BP should take into account a small power reserve (10-20%).

The market sells special power units for mining high power, but they are much more expensive than usual. For a small farm will be quite enough a few standard BP.