clean dryer vent

Why the Perfect Dryer Vent Needs to Be Perfectly Cleaned

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In the duct cleaning industry, it is suggested to do the cleaning of your dryer duct about every 2 to 3 years, depending on the use made, for example residential or commercial. In your dryer duct, lint builds up and must be removed, as this can affect the performance of your appliance and can even cause a fire. Regular maintenance of your dryer and cleaning of your ducts will save you unnecessary costs, such as visiting a repairer who will then tell you to have your duct cleaned because it is clogged. To clean dryer vent the following matters are important.

clean dryer vent

The important points to consider for efficient performance of your dryer:

  • Make sure that the fuse of the dryer in the electrical box is still good.
  • If the time taken for your laundry to dry is extremely long and it stays wet, even after the appliance has shut down, your dryer duct is surely filled with lint and this increases your electricity bill.
  • It is very important to regularly clean the lint basket that is located inside your device.
  • Examine the condition of the flapper outside the house and if it is clogged with lint, your ducts should be cleaned by a professional.
  • Be careful if the duct that connects your appliance to the exit that looks out of your home is not stuck, crushed, or of an inadequate length for the distance.

Dryer ducting cleaning done by professionals

The advantage of owning professional power equipment is that cleaning can be done from the outside of the property for both single family homes and apartment buildings. Cleaning will not cause dust inside the house and no need to move or unplug your dryer.

Some types of businesses will require more frequent cleaning of the ducts, as these are in great demand.

For example: hairdressing salons, spa, commercial laundry, hotels, apartment buildings, etc. The cleaning can be done from the outside or the inside, which avoids disturbing the people present.

  • City Cleaner uses the industry’s most efficient and recommended process by inserting a nozzle into the duct that will remove lint and encrusted dirt by directing it outside the property. The technicians are trained and qualified to do an exemplary job and will answer all your questions.

It is best to use an experienced professional instead of trying to clean your own flexible duct by inserting a plug, because you could pierce it, despite your good intentions. In 32 years of experience, several customers have had this unfortunate incident, which causes a repair or replacement of the conduit.

The options are there and that is the reason that you will be able to find out the service that happens to fill all the requirements of the same and ensure the best and properly done cleaning. This happens to be the prime criteria and that makes the entire project perfect. The details are perfect in every sphere and that makes the whole project fulfilled now. So you can be sure of the same.