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Why You Would Need the Right Vision with the Proper Lens

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The first written mention of the need for correction of deteriorating vision comes from the period around. 100 years before our date. We find her in a letter written by an important Roman, who expresses his frustration and hopelessness over his age and problems flowing. He considers his most serious problem a worsening sight. He worsened so much that he had to rely entirely on his slaves, what was the position of his men unacceptable.

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The Right Progress

However, the first evidence of the use of a correction aid comes from the years around 4 before ours year. It was a water-filled sphere that provided magnification and helps with it in the case of Seneca the Roman tragedy, he read all the books that were at that time in Rome. When it comes to the lens edger this is the best deal.

  • Another important Roman, who used the correction aid, was Emperor Nero. You do watched gladiatorial matches before the eye of an emerald whose green color was filtering solar radiation to protect against sun damage by sunlight.
  • In his case, however, it was not a correction aid in the true sense of the word, but rather the forerunner of today’s sunglasses.

A so-called “reading stones” arose around the year of our thousand. It was spherical glass that was read on the read text. Today they are known mostly by the term magnifying glass and they are considered the first magnifying aid.

Reading stone from 1482

For the first, indeed documented evidence of the creation of glasses, we only regard documents dating back to the 13th century. The main document confirming this fact is the work of the Englishman

Roger Bacona “Opus majus” from 1267. In this work we learn that the elderly they can see the letters again large enough using glass spherical segments. That is why we can see this as the first important step towards creating glasses. Name and we do not know where to get glasses yet. Most historians, however, are inclined to the theory that glasses originated in Venice or Florence between 1285 and 1289. It supports this theory even several preserved documents. For example, in the 1289 manuscript “Traite de con uite from the famille, “his author, Italian Popoze, said that if the glasses were not invented he could not read and write at his advanced age. The document also shows that the glasses were recently invented what really supports the theory that glasses had to actually arise sometimes between 1268 and 1289. An important document is also the income of the High Council of the City.

  • Venice of 1301, which states that it was forbidden to replace crystal glass for glasses with a glass that is common for its unsatisfactory properties. The theory that glasses have ever been made between 1268 and 1289 supports another preserved document dating from 1306.
  • In it, the monk Giordano da Rivalto of Pisa noted that from the invention of glasses, one the most inventive invention of the world has not yet passed for twenty years.

The record of the first independent glasses manufacturer dates back to 1305 and its name was AlexandrdellaSpina. At this time, glasses were made of plankonvex (plank-convex) spherical segments, cut from glass or crystals. First glasses still they did not have parties, so they had to hold between the eye and the letters. Glasses of glass began insert it into the frame only later. At first, they were put into one and later into two frames (orbits) connected by a bridge. The bridge had the shape of a rotated letter “V” and two separate glass fitted in the frame. The first frames were made of bones, later on other materials such as iron, silver, gold, horn, leather, tortoise or wood. These glasses had to be held in front of the nose.