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It is worth taking the loan from a member bank?

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Cooperative bank loans are included in OP bonuses. Accrued bonuses include, for example, loan service charges, OP insurance premiums, and OP Home commissions. Keep these tips in mind to avoid the pitfalls of lending. From www.slickcashloan.com you can now have the best choices and for that, you can find the perfect options now.

Budget and plan

Sit down on the bills and stacks of paper and find out the state of your household. Add up your income and expenses to find out how much money you have each month for loan repayments.

Also, make sure you include a little leeway in the calculations in case of unexpected situations and think about how realistic the calculation is. It’s better to be a little pessimistic about money than to underestimate your spending. The purpose of budgeting is to find out how many installments you can repay on a monthly basis.

Compare loans

Compare the offerings and price lists of different banks and financial institutions. Applying for a loan is easy online, but there are big differences in prices and loan terms, so it’s a good idea to make a price comparison every time you apply for a loan.

When applying for a larger loan, such as a home loan, even a small difference in the interest rate on a loan can mean thousands of euros in savings.

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Save unnecessary expenses


Monthly installments for larger loans can amount to more than EUR 1,000 per month. Paying large monthly installments often requires saving on other expenses. Think about whether you can pay off your loan in monthly installments without problems or should you cut down on extra expenses?

Consider your own income

  • Part-time or fixed-term work, as well as occasional gig jobs, can affect your ability to pay if the income from work varies greatly from month to month.
  • Fluctuating income can make it difficult to repay a loan, so consider the fluctuations in income before applying for a loan.

Prepare for future changes

If you are in danger of becoming unemployed, you should definitely avoid taking out a big loan.


It is recommended that you also save some of your income when paying off your loan. Savings provide security for unexpected situations, for example, if you have to pay unexpected bills in addition to loan repayments.

Avoid the debt twist

Never take a new loan to pay off an old loan. This only leads to a spiral that is difficult to break. If you have a number of small quick notes or credit card debt, you may want to consider combining old loans.

Do not borrow for vanities

The party has known on the weekend, but the balance looks like zero? Skip the party or celebrate a little lighter.

Trying to improve your standard of living with loan money is futile. In the end, as a result, you can either get into debt or have to live very frugally after having fun, which is really not that great after a night of borrowed money.