The Advantages of Keeping Your Pavement

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When people take a look at the pavement, they see something to drive and stroll on. As a homeowner, you see an expenditure. As a specialist, I see trip risks and possible damage claims.


People are unpredictable, and commitment is not what it once was. If your car park is filled with holes and browsing them irritates the driver, they will go elsewhere next time. It is the same with your walkways if they have plenty of puddles or raised piece, people will not feel safe and secure and regular another facility. People want convenience, security, and benefit. Many entrepreneurs focus on these things once the customer is through the door. To know more about this view website


As a homeowner or supervisor, you need to deal with a skilled specialist. Your specialist must check your pavement every year. This will lead to preventative techniques, options, and expense forecasts. This will permit you as the owner/manager to develop a budget and prepare for your pavement maintenance. A trustworthy professional will bear in mind you need to work within your budget and deal with you to focus on the work requiring to be done.

We’re presuming that your condo roads and parking area appear with bituminous concrete. This versatile item is a mix of an asphaltic binder with ground up stone and sand aggregate. It assists in keeping in mind that all the work of transferring vehicle wheel loads to the sub-base is done by the aggregate. The asphalt is just the “glue” that supports the aggregate in place so it can do its job.


While that may be a good structural service, the plan leaves small space spaces in between the pieces of aggregate. Surface water that does not vaporize can find its way down into and through these passages ultimately getting in the sub-base where it can start a business of wear and tear in time. The quickest way to obstruct that procedure is to supply favorable drain off the paved surface areas to the shoulders or into catch basins. The quicker it leaves the pavement, the much better.

A terrible looking parking area will not motivate customers to come into your business, and this will cost you money in lost earnings. Hazardous pavement will cost you in claims. Budgeting for pavement maintenance is a low expense option.

Should we have our asphalt car park seal coated every year?

No. While many seal coating companies will attempt to get you to seal your asphalt each year; this is simply to pad their pockets! Sealcoating asphalt excessive can result in many issues. Most property supervisors do not recognize that the first 2 coats of sealant used are what really safeguard the asphalt. Most of the seal coating after those preliminary applications are generally for cosmetic functions just.

Can we sealcoat our parking area in the heat?

Yes, however, it should be done utilizing the appropriate strategies. As you know, asphalt can get really hot, specifically in Florida throughout the summertime. Using sealant when the temperature levels are above 90 degrees can trigger the sealant to dry too rapidly. If this occurs, it can peel, flake, or get a streaky surface. In order to use sealcoat in temperature levels above 90 degrees, the appropriate strategy is to spray the surface with a light mist of water. This has a cooling result on the asphalt. Once the surface temperature has been reduced, the sealant can securely be used.