Daintree at Bukit Timah

The review of the property of Eugene Koh’s

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There are some reviews about the Daintree residence which is located in the upper area of the Bukit Timah. There is a show flat in the road of Toh Tuck of the price developer and their brochure is available in the unit sales of requests are ongoing. There is a leasehold development in 99year with 327 residential units and it is located in 11 Toh Tuck. The short way distance in development from MRT station of beauty world which serves the downtown of line 2 and shopping complexes such as the centre of shopping in Bukit Timah, the centre of beauty world and beauty world plaza. The enjoyment of outdoor activities in residents in the nature reserve of the residence Daintree Residence.

Daintree at Bukit Timah

There is only 8 minutes’ walk to the nearest MRT station in the beauty world. It may be located in a close array of proximity in plenty of schools and higher educational institutes. There some young children in the family are enjoying go to school in the traveling hassle of the long distance. There is no stop inconvenience in tertiary institutes and their universities not too far away in the transportation of arranging in the way of getting earlier in the usual time of sending their kids to school. In Daintree residence, the primary school is located in 1km distance and it has ranked in statistics of Singapore. There is proximity in tertiary education in the Daintree residence includes Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the institute management in Singapore and the national university of Singapore.

Price and comparison

The resale projects in comparison price near the Daintree Residence. The average prices in Daintree residence are $ 1,695 psf. There is quite high considering in the high range of 99 years of the leasehold development and their several projects of freehold in around area of the projects. There is no compelling in the location and connectivity for enough in making of case appreciation of the future, it is hard to justify in the premium pay. The seat of many owners in loss of the paper in their excluding their seller in their duty obligation. There are some million collective sales of Goodluck garden s$610 in the translate about $1,110 psf per in freehold. In the next development in the Daintree residence of launching in the projects to believe in the better received of the more buyers in the considering of the free projects.

There some areas based in the map of by street directory of surrounded in Daintree of other projects in the relatively low rise. There is landing in the direction of the southeast. There is the best stack in the pool facing and their compact in the multiple other of two-bedroom are may be hit by the sun of the west. There is the layout in comparison of efficiency in the space of no wasted to another standard layout. There would be stack in the buyers of the recommend in looking for a two-bedroom compact. There will be a site plan based on facing off each other in quite a distance of close, in a stack of our favorite person in the opposite face not to condo directly in quiet facing.